Will AoE4 run on Linux?

Does anyone know if AoE4 will be compatible natively with Linux? Or will it be necessary to use a virtual machine as is the case with AoE2/AoE3?


The publisher is Microsoft.

While the Essence Engine was already ported to Linux for Company of Heroes 2 and Down of War 3, I don’t think Microsoft will do that.


For ■■■■ sake. Without Linux support I’m not gonna waste my money. Why is this a problem at all?
I can play all the games in 1 click native or with Proton.

you could alos install windows on a dirive for like 10 Euros if its that important to you?

you could alos install Linux on a dirive for like 0 Euros without MS ■■■■


you certainly could swear less and be a bit more considerate. a Port for a different OS generally is very complicated, and as everyone knows, windows is for gaming

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I didn’t intend to make my post a demand sorry :slight_smile: I was just curious about the current status. Alas a virtual machine will serve just fine, but is convenient if it can be avoided :wink:

Please, don’t argue if you don’t have Linux. Port is not necessary, at least we expect to run it with Proton.

Wait are you running games on VM? Why not Wine nor Proton?

Yeah I have a VM for games.

It’s much slower. I used to run HD and DE with Proton

I did. once. as said, a port is in general a lot of work, and since ost gamers use windows, Iam sorry to tell you, linux (andMACOS btw) are too much work usually to port

Read my answer. Proton should work at least. Devs just should be aware of this it’s quite easy to support

Windows is Dead Man Walking. Try getting a job as a Windows-only programmer today. Some dinosaurs are hanging on but the land-slide has started. No one in the East trust Microsoft. It’s over.

Microsoft knows this as well; that’s why they’ve been paying the Ubuntu and the systemd teams to make it easier and easier to move critical Windows applications and servers to Linux. I know they released Windows 11 but they had previous said 10 was the last one. DirectX 13 will be the last Render-Morphics release.

If you are a developer then you know, or should know, that writing your code to be portable and testing on multiple platforms dramatically increases it’s quality and robustness because it lets you catch more bugs sooner.

All of the hardcore gamers run Linux now. The best you’ll get is Windows running via QEmu w/ PCIe pass-thru of a GPU and I’m sick of doing that.

Linux support is no longer optional.
The lack of a commitment to Linux with New World was a sign that the game wasn’t a serious endeavor - it was a cast-aside, toy, showcase of Amazon’s game engine. Instead of lasting years it’s going to last perhaps four months (down 70% after two months).
So this doesn’t bode well for AoE4.

I do believe you seem to be in quite a very specific, linus friendly bubble.
I work in QA, we check the user numbers, and windows is and stays BY FAR the most used OS. Followd by iOS actually. Because of course Linux is never preinstalled.

Your claim hardcore gamers run linux now also seems quite weird to me.

Maybe instead of believing that an OS is dying because you dont want to use it to game, try not gaming?

I also can’t understand you guys.

“All of the hardcore gamers run Linux now.” ?

I played|play with quite a few people in my life, and i visit a lot of forums, but what i saw is mb 1-2 percent of gamers are playing from linux, thats why developers don’t care about it at all.

Is this supposed to be the pc master race of pc master races?

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Your entire post is wrong.