Will be possible to have an Ottoman and Russian “Unit’s profile picture pack”?

I’m sure I’m not the only on how thinks the Ottoman and Russians deserve their own architecture/skin pack for some buildings and/or unit profile pics.

Russia in AOE3 time in history had beautiful architecture, and some units profile picture can be adapted to look like their base model but with a Russian tone. (some how what already happens within some revolution units). Same goes for the Ottomans.

I’m sure minor tweaks to the existing Russian or Ottoman architecture unit Profile picture will be a (cosmetic only) positive change. I know about image editing and design so I can “update” the profile pictures of some unites but I know nothing about coding for how to put them inside the game. Anyone willing to help?

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Open the art bars and check the normal path of the unit icons, Just put them in your mod into the same folders.
Done you edited the pics

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The current Ottoman architecture has the same style as Spain and Portugal, if we still got Italians with the same style it would be bizarre.

Ottomans should get new architecture and share it with Persians and for example Morcoans - Muslim style.

The architectural style used by the Russians and the Germans and Swedes is unremarkable. It definitely doesn’t fit in with Russian architecture.

New architectural styles for the AoE 3 DE would be great.

The new styles would apply to civ groups of two civs (European civs):

Use of old architectural styles:

  • Iberian Architecture (in-game, used by Ottomans, Spaniards and Portuguese) - Spanish and Portuguese

  • Western European (present in-game used by British, French and Dutch) - British and French

  • Hanseatic (in-game, used by Germans, Russians and Swedes) - Germans and Dutch

Completely New Architectural Styles:

  • Central European - Poles * and Austrians *
  • Nordic - Swedes and Danes *
  • Russians - unique own architecture
  • Italians * - unique own architecture

A completely new architecture for Islamic states would arise - Muslim. It would be available to Ottomans, Persians * and Berbers * / Moroccans *.

I did not mention the typical Asian civs and the American civs because they have a personal architecture for each civ separately.

The * stamp next to civ names is a proposal of new civs.

Enjoy making the models + destruction.
See you in 2 years.