Will bring back a fully featured Fort Wars map if Modify Proto unit is fixed

Just like the title says, I have the know how the time, and the willingness to put together a new and improved Fort Wars Scenario but I’m not doing it with the current and sad state of the editor.

Fix Modify Protounit so that we can set, increase, or decrease any unit stat with Modify Protounit effect. It’s been a bug for 15 years and it’s about time that it’s fixed. The amount of user created content we are missing out on is just sad.

I’ll happily volunteer my time to create some fun scenarios but this has to be taken care of before I will bother. I’m not doing the whole “research technology, set to unobtainable” crap every time I want to increase a damage stat, that barely gives you any control at all.

Can we get some push for this to happen? Its been broken since release date.