Will devs ever respond?

That’s great and all, but I feel in a normal game this should have been addressed before release. That’s why the beta exist.


Thanks for the update.
“This month” sounds awful long though since we’re at the start :joy: but I understand that development takes time.

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I just came to this thread through AoEZone, but I think it’s worth it to post here as well.
I dont even think we need a very big patch right now (some people were saying that there).

It’s just about sending some kind of signal and showing us what you are currently working at, so we know at least somewhat what to expect.
I 'm pretty sure something like this would already be celebrated by 90+% of the community:

Steppe Lancers -2 damage
Cumans dont get +10% cavalry speed anymore, but get free Husbandry

We are watching balancing issues right now, but we want to take a bit more time until we make specific changes. So right now we just “hotfix” the things that seemed to cause more trouble than we anticipated and will continue to work from there. You can expect a big balancing patch in the next 2-3 months.

Added the abilitiy to veto up to 3 maps of the current ranked que.
We are still working on an improved ranked matchmaking system, but we want it to be fully developed before releasing it. So right now we give you the ability to avoid maps you really dont like. Stay tuned for an update for our ideas for ranked gameplay in the future!
In addition to that you can now have a look at tech trees during que times.

We are also aware that the spectator system needs a lot of improvement. Right now our focus is to make every game played accessible to watch and easy to find. You can expect an update for that in the next 2 weeks. After that we will focus on improving the spectating tool itself.

Last but not least we are still working on performance issues, but since there are a lot of possibles reasons for problems we won’t be able to fix them all in one patch. Just expect the game to get better step by step with every single patch through small fixes. Our main priority right now is preventing disconnects during the games.

Thanks for giving us feedback and helping us to make this game as great as we all want it to be!

I think something like that would already do A LOT and give us an idea what you are thinking. I don’t understand why you choose to basically not communicate, or if you do communicate you just seem to use common phrases instead of any details that are actually relevant.
I dont even think you would need to fix everything at once to make the community happy. You just need to start somewhere and give us a good idea what you are actually planning to do (and not just “we are working on something”).
It would make everything so much better. It doesn’t have to be the big perfect solution right now. Just a step in the right direction. But I think that we need rather sooner than later. Please get us on board and don’t just do something silently and then present us the work once it’s done.


all of the issues in the “known issues” list… translation issues. lol


This looks like overwatch forums…

if any of the aoe 2 de dev sees this : please change the lobby system , i think the way it’s implemented is really bad , i would like to see lobby browser like the one in voobly and a chat messenger inside the game not relying on steam chat , and windowed mode for everything …
it’s really driving me crazy !!

please consider my proposals

Best regards

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Who is the community manager?
It really shouldn’t be hard to do a sticky post with the “roadmap” of the new few weeks/months, known problems/suggestions and thoughts on them.

Heck, give me 20 minutes on the phone with anyone on the team and I’ll do it.

This isn’t even on the Dev team, it’s on the community manager… I mean, you just got a full AOE team created (world’s Edge?) to supposedly carry the future of AOE. Just get SOMEONE to talk with people in an organized matter.


I saw they hired a new person to be working with communication channels. Def doing a great job.

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El juego hoy parece que es un Beta en vez producto terminado.

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We hope to get some road-mapping out when we can. For now, you can expect a very large December patch that addresses balance issues, performance, and much more.


That’s something DICE eventually made for SW Battlefront 2. There were so many complaints upon release… (much more than what AoE2DE is facing right now; we can’t even compare how actually broken SW Battlefront 2 was upon release with the glitches and bugs that stain AoE2DE) …there were so many complaints that they published monthly or weekly patch reports.

I think most AoE2 players want something like that.

  1. What are the problems that the devs are looking at currently?
  2. What are the fixes that will be upcoming soon?
  3. What are the alleged problems that the devs won’t be fixing because… the gaming community has just gone full retard on something (but nicely put, you know).

It could come along an AoE2 Gazette featuring the upcoming tournaments, new fancy mods, the best players of the month, the most insane show matches, etc.

So… basically: the studio need a team of communication experts who are solely dedicated to keep tabs with our needy community. Because we’re needy. We played this game as children. Therefore, when we play this game… we’re still children. 11


It would be also great to have information about suggestions. A lot of great features and improvements have been suggested by community and would be nice to know, what developers think of them, which ones are they going to implement and when :slightly_smiling_face:


Again, that sounds great but… why are you telling us this on a post in a single topic? It’s obviously gonna get lost in time and space.

Make a stricky topic and just say that. Put it on twitter. Anything. A post like this will go unseen by most people and you are stuck in a cycle.

Who the crap is the community manager of this team???



I love the way is going and the Devs look hard to make this game his better version :smiley:

I played only 12h and played the older games (since the 2004) and I can trully say that new version wil conquer space in the Competitive World for example like starcraft :crossed_fingers:

Keep it up my Fellow Dev Knights :crossed_swords:

Well I make a top 5 plays video every week. I guess I could make a weekly update video as well to share info in the community.

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Fantastic I hope it sorts out the lobby games not showing, thats my main bug bear!

Jex, please fix the configuration of maps on DM ranked mode. The current maps are currently unplayable and the community is already talking of moving back to Voobly for competitive DM.

I understand the DM community is small (but active!), but we are simply asking for some configuration changes to the maps in the map pool currently (As a software engineer, I know this will be a very small piece of work as you have abstracted configuration from run-time code ;))

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Is there a plan for how to watch recorded games on the old patch? I sincerely hope that this has been considered and it’s not another HD situation where older recs become useless every other patch.


translated this as “I’m still waiting for the game to work, I can’t get it started, atikmpag.sys error and they haven’t given me a solution.”
“atikmpag.sys is a blue screen error triggered by a faulty, incompatible or corrupt graphic driver. Users face this error after their system has been upgraded or after the drivers have been updated”

They got our money already so why should they care. they even managed to build hype around aoe 4 with this payed Beta so their work is done here