Will devs ever respond?

El juego hoy parece que es un Beta en vez producto terminado.

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We hope to get some road-mapping out when we can. For now, you can expect a very large December patch that addresses balance issues, performance, and much more.


That’s something DICE eventually made for SW Battlefront 2. There were so many complaints upon release… (much more than what AoE2DE is facing right now; we can’t even compare how actually broken SW Battlefront 2 was upon release with the glitches and bugs that stain AoE2DE) …there were so many complaints that they published monthly or weekly patch reports.

I think most AoE2 players want something like that.

  1. What are the problems that the devs are looking at currently?
  2. What are the fixes that will be upcoming soon?
  3. What are the alleged problems that the devs won’t be fixing because… the gaming community has just gone full retard on something (but nicely put, you know).

It could come along an AoE2 Gazette featuring the upcoming tournaments, new fancy mods, the best players of the month, the most insane show matches, etc.

So… basically: the studio need a team of communication experts who are solely dedicated to keep tabs with our needy community. Because we’re needy. We played this game as children. Therefore, when we play this game… we’re still children. 11


It would be also great to have information about suggestions. A lot of great features and improvements have been suggested by community and would be nice to know, what developers think of them, which ones are they going to implement and when :slightly_smiling_face:


Again, that sounds great but… why are you telling us this on a post in a single topic? It’s obviously gonna get lost in time and space.

Make a stricky topic and just say that. Put it on twitter. Anything. A post like this will go unseen by most people and you are stuck in a cycle.

Who the crap is the community manager of this team???



I love the way is going and the Devs look hard to make this game his better version :smiley:

I played only 12h and played the older games (since the 2004) and I can trully say that new version wil conquer space in the Competitive World for example like starcraft :crossed_fingers:

Keep it up my Fellow Dev Knights :crossed_swords:

Well I make a top 5 plays video every week. I guess I could make a weekly update video as well to share info in the community.

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Fantastic I hope it sorts out the lobby games not showing, thats my main bug bear!

Jex, please fix the configuration of maps on DM ranked mode. The current maps are currently unplayable and the community is already talking of moving back to Voobly for competitive DM.

I understand the DM community is small (but active!), but we are simply asking for some configuration changes to the maps in the map pool currently (As a software engineer, I know this will be a very small piece of work as you have abstracted configuration from run-time code ;))

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Is there a plan for how to watch recorded games on the old patch? I sincerely hope that this has been considered and it’s not another HD situation where older recs become useless every other patch.


translated this as “I’m still waiting for the game to work, I can’t get it started, atikmpag.sys error and they haven’t given me a solution.”
“atikmpag.sys is a blue screen error triggered by a faulty, incompatible or corrupt graphic driver. Users face this error after their system has been upgraded or after the drivers have been updated”

They got our money already so why should they care. they even managed to build hype around aoe 4 with this payed Beta so their work is done here

I think they will nerf the CUMANS at some point, maybe Not tomorrow but… I think the lancer must cost +80 f and 45 g and have the attack speed reduced by 20 percent. And the bonus of cavalry speed +10 must be from age III on otherwise it is very OP

Is good to give feedback to the devs, but keep in mind that what is urgent for one player isn’t necessarily urgent for another. Those who play multiplayer games and live streamers may, figuratively speaking, stomp the loudest because they are in the public eye, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean their feedback is always more important than others’; and shouldn’t always get addressed before those who play single-player games against AI or those who play campaigns, etc. We’re all in this together and all eagerly await the prospects of learning if any of our feedback will come to fruition. I’m sure you know that, but your post makes it seem that certain players’ feedback should be favored over others just because they livestream or are dubbed ‘experts’ in the field of AoE.

Personally, I don’t really care too much about matchmaking, performance issues (works great for me), the spectator system, etc. I have a list of much higher priority items I’d like to see that are more focused on single-player, sounds, or user interface stuff. I’m thinking most of the kind of things I want implemented or that I feel are ‘really important’ might be pretty low on your list.

As we wait for devs to implement solutions, just remember that whatever they address in patches may or may not always address what you personally feel are urgent or critical updates to make, but others might love them. And as time goes on, it sounds like patches will keep coming out for a while; so there’s always hope that a number of ‘really important’ issues raised by you and the experts will eventually get implemented.


Well they did respond very often and fast, even on weekends, during the beta. Not sure what happened after. Maybe a lot of them took some time off after the crunch time.


Not everyone’s opinions should be equal and some players should be favoured over others.

These pros have dedicated tens of thousands of hours to the game and have provided so much to the game’s success and continue to do so. The value of someone with 100 hours or so is substantially lower, someone who is unlikely to spend as many more years in the future as a pro will.

Just think of the difference between 10 casual or low tier players quitting vs 10 of the top players quitting, which will have a bigger impact of the game in the long term? Even replace 10 casuals with 100 and it would be the same answer.

I have thousands of hours of AoE gameplay chalked up over my life and have played since AoE1 originally came out. As have people I play with or have played with in multiplayer yet private matches vs AI you and the world would never know about. We’re probably a drop of water in an ocean of players who have quietly done the same or similar over the years.

We have also gone through all AoE iterations and periphery games like Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations. Bought all the AoE expansions and releases when they come out, and had Forgotten Empires when it was free before it was on Steam. We played thru LAN and MS Zone, etc. Have modded maps, etc.

You would have no idea about this for me or anyone else in the community. So, it’s risky to assume that just because someone doesn’t have an AoE-centric YouTube or Twitch channel with millions of followers and thousands of AoE hours logged that the public can watch that their opinions are less relevant or qualified.

Who knows? Perhaps for each popular AoE YouTuber with a thousand public hours logged, there are 10, 100, or 1000 players who have quietly done the same or more in a non-public fashion.

I see what you’re saying, but I think it’s hard to quantify or qualify anyone else’s AoE contributions or fandom; partly due to what I just mentioned. So, devs should just look at the feedback and do their best to evaluate what would be good to implement. I have faith in their abilities to prioritize suggestions and bugs in ways that get critical, game-breaking issues out of the way first, and then also take into account single-player and “vs. AI” players; rather than only focusing on the public multiplayer userbase.

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Of course there are exceptions, but when you average all lower tier players, they make up less value then top tier players. Quantification doesn’t matter if you know one group is more valuable per player than another. If you’re comparing those exceptions to people with millions of followers, who do you think would have a greater impact on the community? These guys provide entertainment for many people and help the community to grow on a scale that none of us are likely to do. Dedication from playing private matches casually is great and all, but these players have a relatively little impact on the game as a whole.

Regardless, top players are top for a reason. They know how the game works better than almost everyone, and can deduce what changes would have a particular impact on the game and whether it would be beneficial or not. Someone worse is more likely to request something which they would not request if they had more experience and skill.

Of course I want the devs to listen to my request. I’m even boycotting the game because I can’t bring myself to play before they make a particular fix I want, I’ve even tried modding to fix it and can’t. Regardless, it would be stupid for the devs to value my request equally to a pro.

Τhey have nothing to respond to at this point. They revealed the game, you expect them to talk to us every day when we know nothing about the game or testing it? Get some realistic expectations, please. Bashing down the devs for no reason is rather moronic.

True, they have influence on purchase decisions. With that should come a slight responsibility to keep a level head and don’t disproportionately bash the game because of a few launch hiccups that impact only them and their current way of playing. (Not saying they are, just presuming they might be a little(?).) There’s a big game around those issues that is fine. Plenty of us are able to play and enjoy the game, no problem.

In the interim, as bugs are ironed out, they could stream multiplayer vs. the AI or do so some single player games, or maybe other creative alternatives if they’re having problems with matchmaking against human opponents or frustrated by MP balance issues, etc. (Admittedly, I don’t really pay attention to the MP issues, lobby issues, Microsoft vs. Voobly, etc. since it doesn’t impact me much.)

Good stuff, though. I’m sure the devs are on it (keeping fingers crossed :wink: ) I wonder what fix you’re hoping for?

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