Will European DLC go on sale in March

Foreign players, let me now introduce that European DLC may be released in March. Is it possible in April or may

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eh, what makes you think well get a european DLC that soon? AFAIK there is no indication of any DLC currently.


A new DLC? Official?

I think he is proposing a hypothetical case. XD

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We should wait for the production team to study European history and analyze the situation, and then develop European DLC before publishing


Let DLC by the moment. The game needs balance improvements, to fix bugs and crashes and a better UI for onlime purpouses.


With one DLC per year it would be enough, but since the game constantly needs to be financed, presumably it will continue with the same pattern as last year.

But I would also like a super update before seeing a new expansion.


developers working on art assets dont work on balancing and coding, while those 2 obviously still are needed for making DLC it is not quiet to the same extend as artist are.

anyways the point is that new content generally doesn’t affect other improvements, and that you cant just “focus” on one thing, you cant magically make an art designer into a coder and viceversa.

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No, normally the most recent released content never goes to steam sales until like 4-6 months later, and then only is like 10%-20% discount no more.

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thats not what the topic is suggesting.

It had to pass mosly a year to get Sweden near to balanced, then they added Africans and Mx to broke it again…

Fuente: De los deseos


Today, the Empire official has fixed the frame drop of the Empire 3 decision version and the small problem of AI Caton, so it is determined to announce the European DLC and officially released

It’s a large-scale DLC in Europe, with 9 new historical battles, 5 European camps, unique European mechanism and more new activities. I’m looking forward to the release of European DLC in March. It must be more fun than African DLC. Is it worth it

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And you know this how?

Making stuff up for attention isn’t nice.


Where does the information come from, even if it is false?

How did you know that? Is It your speculation or what?

Of course,it’s really I think to Europe dlc is know

Mate, i don’t doubt about what you are saying, but where i could find this rumor? I always thought It was a some modders Project and not a official DLC.

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Then we have to wait slowly Guys