Will i get some % off the aoe II DE for participating in beta?

Hello, will i get some sort of bonus for being in beta, or is my only reward thing, that i can play game before others?

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yes, that your reward…lol

First of all getting a chance to play beta is in itself a pure luck. It is no achievement. Youvare nothing special. Now if you get discount as well that is unfair to all the aoe lovers out there that couldn’t get the chance to play beta just because our luck didn’t help. We also uave been playing the ganes since years (I am a fan since 10 years, a modder who gave out the IA 5.8 but still did not get the chance for beta just because of bad luck) Why should you be treated specially by getting beta and then more discount??? Thats just a greedy question to ask.

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Well, you are right, but on the other hand, we are helping developers to get more money, because we are finding bugs etc. I agree that its pure luck to get into beta, but nobody forces you to play it, so little reward may be fair. As i said, i agree with your POW, it makes sense, but… :smile: