Will Italy one day stop being the worst treaty civilization?

I think papal units should have a different queue than normal cards.


that effectively makes it just training, which I’m not opposed to, but maybe limit papal unit training to the basilica?

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yeah, a limit is neccesary if they are able to be trained

The result of separating the queues is similar to training normally, but with certain differences:

-The units of all the Basilicas share the same queue, so having more Basilicas does not allow training more Papal units.
-Cards that reduce the training time of infantry or cavalry (Fencing & Riding School) do not reduce the arrival time of Papal units, only the “Papal Arsenal” card.
-Papal units arrive at the Home City spawnpoint of your choice, in the same way as card shipments.
-Maintains that appearance of Papal units arriving from Home City.

The biggest criticism of the Basilica shipments is that they hinder the arrival of normal cards, so this is the best solution I can think of. If necessary, the time it takes for units to arrive from the Basilica can be slightly increased.

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I would prefer that the papal expeditions be separated from those of the metropolis. They’re too special to just drag into the barracks (and keeping in mind the historical consistency and gameplay of Italy).

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I repeat, but the Pavisier must get back his 35% of resistance, and could eventually reach 40% in accordance with his attributes and his identity. Also because increasing the resistance and decreasing its hit points would make the Pavisier a more interesting unit to micro (especially with its formations which would be more effective).

The improvement of the Pavisier in the imperial age is done here at the expense of the Pavisier itself. With these changes, he sinks into a secondary role, which is used at the start of the game or when the gold runs out from the industrial age.

But generally, the games where I use the Pavisier are almost only because I love the unit, not because it would be strategically effective.

I see the Pavisier as being one of the key elements of an alternative long-term strategy, which would change us from the rush age 4 to unlock the bersagliere at all costs.

Regarding the papal units, there is the Schiavone which is not one of them and which should rather be trainable in the tavern, or in the barracks because these were not really mercenaries. Moreover it would enhance them, because they’re not bad at all, and could be a plus with Italy specially in Treaty mode.

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