Will Nvidia Experince Support be Added?

Wondering if the game will support Nvidia Geforce experience so it does things like optimizing game settings etc.

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Yeah, please. It doesn’t find it as a game even, I guess that needs an update on the Nvidia end as well, but it would be really nice to see if that helps with some of the performance issues. FWIW the Xbox game bar reports 94% GPU on a GTX1060, which seems insanely high.

The gamebar represents how much RAM the GPU is using, not the GPU processing amount. Open TM and you’ll see

I’m truly impressed if it’s not supported.
Are you really sure that is not? (I’m not challenging you, I really have this doubt because I assume that all the new games should be compatible with such service)

Well as of now it isn’t but then again it’s only been 3 days since release. HD is supported so I expect DE will be as well in time

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