Will the DE fix the diagonal wall sections?

As we all remember, in the original AoE when you build adjacent walls diagonally they appear like edge blocks (without a middle section). Is this "bug"fixed in the DE?

I like it the way it is. You can build right next to the wall a barack and if you wall it up and you start training some axeman they will spawn inside the wall because they are spawned on the closest open place which is the barracks corner “in” the enemys wall. (I’m not sure if it works or I just tried it back then)

I’m not talking about wall positioning, gaps or anything. I’m talking about the wall sprite; there was no middle section sprite if you built walls diagonally, only the wall “block” was displayed, contrary to what appears if you place walls in other directions:

I like the idea of diagonal wall sections, it feels way more safe and secure

@Stryder I agree, it looks more aesthetically pleasing to have it look the way AOE 2 does with the diagonal wall sections

I remember always avoiding buiding diagonal walls because they looked bad. I would definitely like to see that improved.

@qweytr24 Indeed, especially when making custom scenarios.

@Stryder: I agree with you aesthetically

One thing about the diagonal walls: You can build/repair through it. Select a villager to build something through the corner of a diagonal wall, then click him to stand next to the diagonal wall where with the buiding on the other end of the wall, and reassign his task to build it again. He will build diagonally through it.

I would always build diagonal walls two layers thick because of this. Otherwise it looked like enemies could get through (even though I knew they couldn’t).

@LegoVogel said:
One thing about the diagonal walls: You can build/repair through it.

Good point. If the graphic was changed to look like a seamless wall, then it would become less apparent that the collisions on the wall allow you to build through the corners, and that would be bad. To put it another way, it’s impossible to make diagonal walls look seamless without having them bleed visually over their actual edges, and I’m sure the engine doesn’t support them being ACTUALLY rotated such that they wouldn’t have corners in the cardinal directions.

Now that the game has gained some breathing space in terms of development time, can you please consider introducing diagonal wall graphics. The current approach just looks so…ugly.

I know game play changes are being kept (even to an unnecessary extent) to a minimum, but this is a purely visual improvement and seems to be a no-brainer in a definitive edition.