Will the new update remove the "no XP earned if you loaded a save" issue

I got into AoE3:DE really a lot recently, and I’ve been having a bigger blast than I’d ever imagined, but one thing has been killing my enjoyment a lot - that you do not earn any XP from skirmishes if you loaded a save. Now, for me this issue is that I’m on an old PC (which I hope to replace soon, but as you can imagine that’s not pocket money), and the game works fine overall, but due to what I think is a HDD issue, is prone to crashing occasionally. So playing skirmishes is like a 50% chance that I won’t earn anything, even if all I did was to load a save after the game crashed (or I had to interrupt an epic 2-hour match because life exists).

I know this is not a big deal from a practical point of view, but the leveling and unlocking part has always been a big part of why AoE3 skirmishes were extra fun, and it basically means I cannot really play the game for now. Does the new update address this, or is there some hidden workaround I don’t know of (I really searched)? Thanks in advance for any answers.

I understand your problem, and even if the xp gained do not unlock new cards and/or gameplay elements anymore, it still serve for cosmetic (and it’s fun to see the HC level rise above and beyond).

That being said, I believe this is a feature to prevent xp farming from savegames. Given the fact the xp is gained at the end of a game, you could save your game a few seconds before victory to gain the xp multiple times.

Good luck on your project to replace your pc.