Will there be another beta before release?

I enjoyed playing the game on the last beta and the recent stress test and liked to see how the game changed.
Will there be a chance to play it in a more updated and polished state before the release?


Game was already quite polished for a beta. Maybe another open beta with the other 4 civs.

Yes, the game is so fun I also want to keep playing but for now we’re better just waiting for full release, it’s just a month away.


We’re a month away, I don’t think they will have another open beta.


Do you think so? I am not sure, compared to the aoe3DE beta…

That would be sad.
I don’t wanna wait another month to know if the game is worth spending money on or not.
In aoe3de we had a beta in the end moment which lasted until the release if I remember correctly.

It’s getting close to release so I would doubt their going to do another beta

If you still don’t know if the game is worth spending money on by now then you never will


I disagree.
In the current state, I would not spend 60€ on it and rather just visit some restaurants.
If there was a significant progress in the polishing of the game within the coming weeks, then I’ll consider purchasing it on release.

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What do you think needs to be polished?

And why do you think you’re required to buy a game as soon as it’s released? Lol

I’ll wait a month to see how things work out, so i buy it. And I hope I get some 33% promotion on BF.

Lots of things, just lots!

Well because.
I wanna play a fresh rts game, have been playing aoe3/de and company of heroes 2 a lot in the last years and some aoe2 de every now and then.
I just want some fresh air, as most available rts games are not so appealing to me.
And I don’t wanna hope for aoe4 to meet my expectations just to be disappointed about the final product after another long month of waiting.

Then list them

Same, not to see how things work out though, just until there is a sale on steam

Game release is in just 38 days, so I wouldn’t expect more betas or tests. We have had closed beta and stress test beta to see a consistent chunk of the game, report things and give feedback to the devs.

Software performance has been quite polished already, so the only remaining concerns are mostly about game content, design decisions, and quality of life details. There’s nothing more imo, so hope devs listen and deliver. alea iacta est.

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I just hope so.I think doing an open beta without the technical stress test floating around and ding dong fixed will be perfect test scenario.

I had a good laugh and agree.
Maybe it would be enough to get FURTHER AWAY from the Ding Dong by ZOOMING OUT FURTHER and hence reducing DING DONG volume.
Unfortunately Ding Dong is in our face and hence it’s loud.

No point on having a other beta.

Game play was tested and server was tested.

The only thing that is left is to let the game developper do their job and to ignore forum.

Closed beta maps where much more polished then the open beta map.

I feal like the open beta resourcess and land are put in circle and dot every where.

Map generator was clearely not a developped version.

Hope the end game will be bether, for online play, or else all maps will be similar and boring over time.


Yup , maybe let whos already preorder
Play the game earlier

I’d suggest to wait a couple of days or weeks until reviews and videos come online to decide whether you’ll buy it or not. I think preordering is a bad habit anyway so just wait until the release.

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Big agree here.
The game would have to be in a more polished and thought through state for now in order to make a preorder reasonable, at least for me personally.