Will there be any new civs?


Are there going to be any new civs? I understand that their trying to maintain the whole balancing thing but im excited to see new troops buildings and technology. Hoping for a Vikings/Scandinavian civ. What do you guys think?

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I guarantee you 100% that there will be new civs. I think they should take their time and first polish the game and improve the gameplay and add more features (there are still many good ones suggested in the forums). So I think they should wait 2-3 years with new civs, but I think they will add new civs a lot early (maybe this or next year) because they can make money with it :D.

For me, it’s a certainty that they will create new civilizations, as it’s a way to raise money to keep the game alive.
For my part, I’ll be happy to pay for new civilizations, as long as the price isn’t unreasonable.
I would very much like to play with Byzantine civilization.