Will there be support for win 7?


I hope there will be support for windows 7 and AOE 4. I still love this OS and play many vintage games on this platform.

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no, Win 10 exclusive. the end of support is near.

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windows 7 will no longer be supported after january 7. so they probably wont have it on there


I can dream. I still believe win 7 was best OS ever by Microsoft.


I am using Windows 10 at home and Windows 7 at work and they feel pretty similar. Windows 7 support will end in 2020 january and this is game published by Microsoft, so it is extremely likely, that AOE 4 won’t support Windows 7

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I remember XP aswell, that was a good OS too, many days of aoe.


I actually think Win 7 and Win 10 are one of the best WinOS ever made. My ■■■■■■ computer came up with WIn 8, and was glad that MS offered free Win 10 pro-to-pro and home-to-home upgrade for free. I did’t have any issues moving into new OS. Everything is pretty natural. With updates, it is getting better (unless you’re an WIn 10 insider, like I was…grim story)

So anyways, I think it will be Win 10. Even Steam now has more Win 10 computers than win 7. You should have moved to win 10 brother. Now you gotta buy it :frowning: