Will there be support for win 7?

I hope there will be support for windows 7 and AOE 4. I still love this OS and play many vintage games on this platform.

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no, Win 10 exclusive. the end of support is near.

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windows 7 will no longer be supported after january 7. so they probably wont have it on there

I can dream. I still believe win 7 was best OS ever by Microsoft.

I am using Windows 10 at home and Windows 7 at work and they feel pretty similar. Windows 7 support will end in 2020 january and this is game published by Microsoft, so it is extremely likely, that AOE 4 won’t support Windows 7

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I remember XP aswell, that was a good OS too, many days of aoe.

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I actually think Win 7 and Win 10 are one of the best WinOS ever made. My ■■■■■■ computer came up with WIn 8, and was glad that MS offered free Win 10 pro-to-pro and home-to-home upgrade for free. I did’t have any issues moving into new OS. Everything is pretty natural. With updates, it is getting better (unless you’re an WIn 10 insider, like I was…grim story)

So anyways, I think it will be Win 10. Even Steam now has more Win 10 computers than win 7. You should have moved to win 10 brother. Now you gotta buy it :frowning:


I own it, I just use this pc/win7 with vintage games.

If you love 7 and are forced to upgrade to 10, get LTSC.

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Our company is switching over to Windows 10, and boy does it feel like beta software.

I just put the laptop after the Win7 -> Win10 switch back into the docking station and it didn’t recognize all my monitors. I needed to change one of the cables, after which it did.

Then, font was blurry on all monitors, but only for built-in windows apps, not third party ones! There was a setting to correct the font, but it explicitly said that it will only be able to try to do so for the primary monitor, not the others. A colleague of mine knew a trick, some random
display settings to localize the blurryness to only 1 monitor of the 3.

Then, sometimes, a couple of programs randomly got stuck immediately after opening. Fix: restart the PC.

Some windows flicker between the screens when dragging them from one screen to another, and the mouse position gets displaced on the window title bar after the drag is over.

Of course, the built in touchpad driver doesn’t support scrolling.

The standard windows waiting prompt, the dots rotating in a circle leave weird pixel artifacts on the screen.

You can not change the target of File Explorer. You can select a grand total of 2 places, from the File Explorer settings.

You can not drag’n drop links to the start menu. You have to create a link, then right click -> pin to start, then delete the link again.

Only some installed programs appear in “Control Panel” -> “Programs and Features”. Now, you have 2 places to uninstall programs, depending on the API! Control Panel for Win32 and a new one for UWP.
The user will surely know what API their installed program uses! Furthermore, if there are any links or autostart references to a UWP app left that you have to remove manually, they will reinstall on each restart automatically!

I will switch to BSD sooner than use Windows 10 at home.
At least my company patches it to not send telemetry and do all that obnoxious stuff, as even they, as a business customer employing ca. half a million people do not find that OK.

This was all in the first day.


I’d use 7 if it weren’t for it not supporting 370 chipsets and Coffee Lake processors, and AoE 2 DE being Win 10 exclusive ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But what can I say, LTSC has never given me any problems with usability, performance or updates unlike Pro or Home. It feels just like Windows 7 too.

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Well i did it, got win 10.


Still run win 7 here ! Hope they let me play Aoe 2 and 3 DE on my 7…still.play coh2 on win 7 with no probs and OK gfx, why not Aoe4 too? Haha we all can’t have fast super awesome PC’'s! she’s an old girl 9 years but it does the job long live win 7!! Did the free win 10 upgrade and only made my computer worse till I downgraded again. Couldnt even play anything.

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Win 7? No… I want to have a Linux version!!