Will they Ever remake the UI?

You really have bad taste, huh?

" concentrate on the actual game"
What the hell are you talking about? This is a game, eyecandy are important.
Looking at the fine art from the UI of the Age of Empire and mythology is part of the beauty of it all.

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You don’t like the UI, that does not mean it looks like a beta.

They should really make UI modding a thing though.

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No, it looks like a Charlie. Boring af

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imo the only issue in UI is its not moddable, mods would be a good solution for both layouts and styles

Who is Charlie and why are we disparaging him?

It absolutely looks beta.

It reeks of bad designers thinking they can pull off a modern style without understanding the purpose of it.

Ever thought about why resources are placed on the opposite side of the screen to the minimap? Go ahead. Tell me why it’s a good thing, because I can tell you for sure it is as half-baked as it looks: the UI is bad.


i’d say aoe3 DE like layout options you can choose freely would already be a nice step up

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When I first saw the UI, I literally assumed it was placeholder stuff to be replaced with actual colorful, clean artwork later. I was speechless when I learned that stuff was final draft.


I like you, bro. You are a Mod, yet you don’t bow to the devs in fear of losing your rights to point out what’s true.

People think our bashing is out of spite, But it’s actually because we like this game that we are big critics. If we start throwing flowers, the game will become niche at most. This game NEEDS love. And it needs to be taken seriously.


I suppose you do understand? Are you some kind of UI design expert?

The UI is clean, it is functional, it displays all the necessary information (more so than previous AoE games actually, for example it even shows how many of each building you have already made).

It is just not as colorful or “stylized” as some people would prefer. As far as usability goes though, it is designed quite well.

The big issue is the inability to make any adjustments/modifications to it other than minimap size (this is not unusual among games, but it is still unfortunate).

That is how it is in a lot (most maybe?) RTS games work.

Look at Starcraft 2 or AoE2. They are even farther apart, they are literally in opposite corners…

Nobody who has “rights” does. Everyone in those groups express their opinions honestly, in my experience.

What you’re doing is liking what he says because his opinion aligns with yours. Nothing wrong with that. Not a sin to agree with people :smiley:

But just as you mistook someone posting for a developer, the real challenge is how you handle people you disagree with.


Well, from the beginning the UI is one of the things that I liked least about AoE4 and that least encouraged me to play the game, mainly the icons of technologies and units.

However, over time I gained appreciation for them. Of course, I prefer the ones from Aoe2 and Aoe3.

In any case, they are intuitive icons, or at least more than the AoE3 icons.

What could be done more than a Remake, is to allow MODS of the UI, or make an “official Mod” of the UI, especially in the technology and unit buttons,that looks similar to that of AoE2 or AoE3, with nice and good Art drawn, with various colors instead of just gold.