Will this game be delayed or not?

Hello folks,

I’m wondering with the silence right now from Relic & with no proper marketing do you guys think that they have decided to delay this game for a 2022 release in order to perhaps fix all the criticism concerning this game from the community?

That would explain why they aren’t communicating with us because they are debating whether or not to delay this game to fix it even better?

What are your thoughts?

  • Yes
  • No

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AoE3DE new dlc before 3 weeks they said that have not yet anything to say, and in 12 days from now it will be release. Yes we all want updates more often, but it is almost sure the game will released on 28 October.


I bet the beta will be here to us early October. Not much time to fix stuff but the way things are going, i wouldn’t doubt

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If history shows us anything it’s that there isn’t a big concern about the state of the game on release day.


More along the lines of the Dev team doesn’t talk for ■■■■
and why aren’t they talking?
Because Gig work

After what happened with Aoe1 DE’s delay when they needed to refund pre-orders, I doubt they’ll delay a game again. They’ll likely release whatever it is they have and continue with post-release “developer support.”


They might have problems, but I dont see why that would lead to delay of game, they might have definite contract with relic to release and probably a very proud way to look at their business plan that connects aoe4 release window with all other aoes. They could have delayed release at fan preview when they announced this fall, or at e3 when they announced end of october, but they didnt.


Either way the lack of communication right now is bad for the reputation of this game and it’s isn’t even out yet.


I have put my money on YES. My guts say that it will get delayed. And if the delay is to polish the game even more, then they can take however much time they need.


Yes, i agree with you.

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They are very confident that can release a final product at least decent or the time is tight and still have much things to fix before even a beta.

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I dont think game will be delayed. Devs know what game is in state. If game is not ready they wont release. Game can have some bugs but they can be fixed after release. I say a Turkish proverb Kervan yolda düzülür. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think it’s too late to delay at this point. They already officially announced the release date. It would look really bad if they delayed the release after officially announcing it

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It wouldn’t be the first time a game gets delayed after having a first official release date given.

In fact if they did such a thing that would tell me that they indeed has listened to our feedback and decided to take that and improve the game even more than now.

Tell me if they are so comfortable with the state of the game now why are they so quiet about it won’t release any proper gameplay footage or beta?

That to me is worrying.

What history is that? The last game this franchise released was less than half complete at launch, given the wrong pricing model, never recovered, and was cancelled after about two years. You can’t even find its name mentioned officially anymore.


I think that more information will be given at Gamescom 2021 in August. Most likely, they will tell you more about Russia and the Holy Roman Empire, and also, perhaps, they will announce the recommended system requirements

Thats a joke right? All criticism? Even by only a few minority?

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Not literally everything but the most important ones of course.

A bad history?

LOL, im kind of at a loss for words
obviously someone in charge is in over their head

Sorry, what? Am I mistaken about the history of how games in this franchise are received if they are released unfinished?