Will try to host DM Reg or other DM modes more frequently

After recovering from my ankle fracture, I have been trying to play Aoe:DE more and more. Even though among the many disappointed, angered and frustrated people (including my self), the past few days I have had several nice matches with fun match ups.

I do wish to announce that the skill level I seek is around Expert. I am fine people joining with Intermediate skills, but do please tell so we can balance out teams if needed. Newbies and Rookies I would highly discourage to join. Not only would it be a poor experience for you, but also practically wasting everybody’s time, including your own.

Finally, I cannot promise to be online every day , but feel free to check the lobby between 19:00 and 21:00 GMT+2 or add me as friend Xbox or something to track my presence.

Default game mode I usually go for is Regular War with Random Civs. But Cho / Sea / Wonder we could do as well as flavour. I will also try to stream for the show.

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You probably mean ‘Conquest’ mode. I hope that ankle gets better soon so you can kick some more ■■■ again. :wink: