Will variant civs' landmark change their models in the future?

I’m happy to see there will be 4 extra variant civs for this DLC and it’s mechanic but I think we really need to talk about new units and landmarks. I would take ZhuXi’s Legacy as a example.

First, about the Meditation Garden, apparently this is combined by 2 pagodas. But it’s still fine, at least it looks cool and such building could be find everywhere in China.

This landmark is made by the Imperial Palace, but it contains some new structures so its still fine.

But these two landmarks, aren’t they too perfunctory to be a landmarks? Everyone could tell how these 2 landmarks are made.


Obviously, the previous one is university and a pagoda reskin, the other is just a simple monastery reskin with Imperial Academy’s gate. I understand the developers don’t want to pay much afford to the large amount of artistic materials, but this is just too … sad to see?

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No, they won’t. They also won’t change the names.

Let’s hope AoE5 is in the works by better developers.

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I think devs should release landmark dlc upcoming years. I mean I like age of 4 landmarks except Ottomans, I want to see new landmarks for every civ. Age of 4 landmarks are awesome.Also devs should make new building concept so players can change the building style which they like.

I just had a beautiful match playing Delhi. I mean… this could only be better, dunno why complicated everything so much… just focus on make what alrdy have Better… like.landmarks.

I like the new Landmarks. That some Chinese buildings look very similar is part of the fact that the architecture of that town uses a similar model for many of its constructions.

The Shaolin monastery is a monastery, so it has to have the architecture of one. Zhu Xi Legacy is a library, so it had to have something similar to a university. The meditation gardens are also beautiful.

I suppose they also chose buildings that were consistent with the era of the game and with the “Technology-Philosophy” mechanic of this variant. Although I would have chosen the Temple of Heaven, curiously this building is part of a collection that also includes the Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Earth. One of them is officially Landmark, so I’m happy with that.

The one that makes me curious is the Temple of the Sun, which was built by the Ming dynasty, but only its foundations remain in what is currently a park. It will be interesting to see it rebuilt. I guess we’ll wait for the DLC to see more of the content.

Order of the Dragon Landmark.- On the other hand, they have not yet revealed the order of the Dragon, one might wonder if at least half of their Landmarks will be new, or at least the Wonder (Which is Danish and I don’t think it fits with the idea of a Hungarian army that they want to create) . From the image in the Teaser it seems that half of their Landmarks are going to be the same as those of the HRE, so I hope that, like the Chinese, they are also trying hard to give good news to this Civ Variant Landmarks, especially since many of the current Landmarks of the HRE are based on buildings in Germany, while the Order of the Dragon seems to represent Hungary. We’ll see if they reveal the civ next week or in 2 weeks.

Yes, and this time they go into the 20th century…