Will villagers *ever* receive a better pathing/stuttering/freezing update?

AFAIK, we just had a recent patch which was supposed to address this topic, but from my games in the last two days the problem has only gotten worse. Villager behavior and pathing is just basic, so why is it still such a lingering issue? I’d prefer this be fixed rather than receive new taunts or splash pages. Substance over style, please!


I’m pretty sure they work on it. Seems to be quite hard to solve.

I think it partially could already adressed by sending vills to different ressource spots after finishing a dropping point. It looks like this bumping mainly happens if vills gather from the same point.
I don’t know why they removed that feature from HD, it seems weird for me and is very annoying to manually send vils to different gatherpoints in every game. Because I didn’t had to do this in HD.

It’s not up to users to find workarounds. It’s a top issue that haven’t been addressed since the game release


Why not? I love how players like t-west help to improve the quality of live with their mods and vids.

It’s just important that FE appreciates the players help to improve the game, and it looks like they do.

This is a crazy opinion, but I’d rather the developers use their time and resources to fix the critically important villie pathing instead of giving us trinkets, badges, and banners. Especially when they announce a patch addressing these issues that doesn’t actually solve them.


Well, with my experience it’s really hard to solve a problem if you don’t know what causes it.
And it often doesn’t help try to force finding it.

It’s a general problem with programming, i’ve had the same problem several times with old codes. Sometimes it just takes time and for some reason someone has a genius idea “what if we try xy” or “i found this function what makes no sense”, you change it and then everything magically works as intended.


The villager pathing is still re.tarded, nothing has been improved.

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Seems it needs an overhaul rather than more never ending bug fixes. But devs proficient in pathing are probably highly requested by… well, any game company.

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Yeah villager pathing has got from bad to worse, every single game now there are villagers chopping wood at the back of the forest 11


Bear in mind several different issues may cause bad pathing. Also, different teams may be employed to do the trinkets and flags, and other teams to work on the engine and pathing.

Having said that, I too hope they continue to improve and at some point fix all these bugs.


Agreed- we need some fixes on the villagers bumping and trying to sidestep each other for too long.

maybe, thickness of villagers should be reduced to avoid blocked villagers. Archers aren’t blocked when they go in a little zone. Just make villagers to behave like archers can help?

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They would then be able to all fit in one tile and build from there… Thats a very significant game change.

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I’m looking into it, going to try a few things.