Will we ever see a Swiss civilization?

The Swiss had a strong importance in the Middle Ages, having succeeded in conquests and defenses against more powerful and larger empires, before becoming neutral and mercenary. Since I doubt we will ever see them in an AoE2 DE dlc, I was wondering if it is unthinkable to see a civilization in AoE4 based on the Swiss, especially now that there are much more particular maps, with mountains and hills that could be integrated into a very ingenious way of combat for the Swiss

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Or great mercenaries

In the Middle Ages Swiss was part of the Holy Roman Empire.

True, but they were a nation already more dependent than other regions, furthermore the holy roman empire was more a group of nations/regions rather than a real empire furthermore in AoE there has never been a civilization on the holy roman empire

Do you mean in the game or?

I dont know much about swiss medieval history, so I am not sure how many civs we’d want to have before the swiss become the most important civ not in yet in the game.

Yes, but with AoE 2 and 3 we have already had a lot of civilizations, if you think of a new civilization what do you think? For Europe, Poland and Switzerland immediately come to mind, and since Poland will maybe be added with the next DLC for AoE2 DE, there is little choice left. And honestly between seeing a new civilization or one I already had in an old AoE, I prefer a new civilization. Then if they are the Swiss or anything else it changes little

Well, AoE II spammed ‘civilizations’ to the point that the duchy of Burgundy is now portrayed. If AoE III gets to that point then I think it’ll be pretty sad.

I don’t know, i like to have a lot of civilization to choose, i never like the choice of original AoEIII to have only so few civilization

There are too many civilizations, so it’s difficult for players to play. It’s time-consuming to be familiar with all kinds of civilizations.

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Dont loose hope aoe2 might get a swiss civi to diversify the teutons.