Will we suffer for Gamescom?


I think we have the last 4 weeks of suffering without information.
And then I expect an influx of news! Introduction of the last 2 nations. Maybe the beta test will finally start. Video games PvP 1x1 from multiple players. And more.

Do you agree?


I think we will see the start of the closed beta test.

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they gonna make u suffer another 2 to 3 weeks after gamescom before the beta starts

This has become bad publicity and they are still playing the silent game. I’m really concerned at this point about what it will do to this game.


I’m also very curious about that.
I have not only experienced such silence in the film Silence.

When it’s pathetic. Let’s be quiet so no one knows anything.
Mainly that they pre-order it :slight_smile:

I hope you will be correct in all 3 points.

  1. Infos about the last 2 civs.
  2. Announcement of beta (it might not start immediately).
  3. Some 1v1 from top players.

But I am afraid that the third will not happen. The reason is that the 1v1 logically will be games from beta testers, so it is hard to see any 1v1 before beta starts, although it would be great, because in these events it is a common marketing process the demonstration games.


But I don’t understand why they couldn’t show one 1x1 PvP video from the developers.
Their words always get to me. We play PvP almost every day, maybe years, and it’s fun.

So I don’t know why they won’t show one video …

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Yes, I believe that they play, but who said they are good at it :smiley:

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Honestly in a way it can be seen as bad publicity but at the same time when I look at how thirsty we all are for new informations maybe their marketing strategy is actually working.


I’m not as worried that they haven’t shown anything.
I’m more worried about WHY they haven’t shown anything


Yes, but still they have to give some info in gamescom, else there will be some very upset people out here. :slight_smile:


yes, and I dislike that. But then again it will be an amazing game, I am sure.