Will you guys play the game if each civs have unique roster

Well, we dont have much information about the game yet, but it seems at least the Mongol will have a unique roster and playstyle.This rise the question in my head because I feel old-school AoE players really don’t like Starcraft roster style, as proven by the low populatiry of AoM and AoEO. And it’s already too late to attract new players to the series as mordern RTS is totally overshadowed by MOBA, so you will most likely only get the old fans. How the game is designed and how people react to it is very important imo.

Yes of course I will play it , and I won’t play it other wise , this is aoe4 not aoe 2 2, and not supposed to be just a clone of aoe 2 , and asymatric factions are a welcome change, but that doesn’t mean that the factions are 100% asymatric since this may become hard to balance.


It is impossible to have a Medieval game where all civilizations are 100% unique in their rosters, unless they really screw up balance and the Medieval theme.

No civ should be without Spears, Bows, Daggers, Clubs/Maces…

They were essential tools of war for the period.


To be honest I think that the asymetricallity is not the reason AoM and AoEO is not played as much. It’s becasue one is just totally cartoony and the other focuses on spells, heroes, ultimates etc. It’s just a different kind of game.

Personally I’m hoping for a game where the civs have more asymmetrical designs than AoE2. So they still share a large part (needed for balancing with 6+ civs) but also have more uniqueness to keep it fresh playing another civ.

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Well, it’s certainly not the only reason but asymmetry contribute quite a bit to make turn off AOE 2 players from these games. I have spoke with some pro AoE 1 and AoE2 players in my country, and SoTL also point that out when compare AoE2 to AoE3 (although the different in AoE3 is nowhere as drastic as AoM and AoEO). They said that asymmetry makes it harder for them to switch and adpat to another civs, while they can easily do so in AoE 2 and in the case of AoE1, they can just even go full random

Someone hasn’t played Age of Mythology. Look at the hoplite, spearman, and halberdier (all spearmen), or the huskarl, murmillo, and hypaspist (all swordsmen), etc.

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I played AoM, since release. The cic asymmetry is the reason why the game only has 5 civs, and is even deader than AoE3.

You may feel that’s the reason the game isn’t as popular as the others, but nothing in life is that simple.

It is not what I “feel”, it is empyrical data. You can check the playerbase on Steam.

Playerbase doesn’t say that the asymmetry is thé reason for it. For me personally it’s the large amount of magic in age of mythology that makes the game a bit less interesting in the long run. Titans, spawning ultimates anywhere on the map etc. It makes the game less suitable for competitive play for me and thus has a shorter lifespan.

Well, comparing Huskarl, Murmillo and Hypapist discredit you. They have different roles.

Pro players in my country say, they stick with only Greek whenever they try AoM. AoEO is hard to access, but I think it’s a fair comparision.

I like asymmetry, but what these people say really concern me as they are the competitive part of the game. As a player of both SC and AoE, I also dont want AoE 2 2.

There is one perfect logic that you can never beat here:
A: “This aspect of the game is bad.”
B: “Why is it bad?”
A: “Because the game has fewer players.”
B: “Why is that specific aspect causing the game to have fewer players?”
A: “Because it is bad.”

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Starcraft-like asymmetry no, and it is impossible.
European units for everyone, works for AOE2 20 years ago but please not anymore.
Different variants of spearmen, etc. with unique appearances and slightly tweaked stats, yes if nicely implemented.

We already saw the Mongols in the trailer heaving sword and spear infantry so it’s relatively save to assume that most civilisations will have access to most of the same unit archetypes that will have similar stats and modifiers.
I could easily see the Mongols not needing spear man for example because they could have a counter cavalry unit like camels that would better fit their mobility.
And the Mongoles are according to interviews the least traditional civilisation.

Maybe the Norseman will have Axe Throwers instead of Archers as counter Infantry or something like this but because the game is based on reality (AoM is less so) it’s save to assume that most civilisations will have access to very similar base units.
Americans, if they are in the base game, will be the most exotic like they already are in AoE2/3.

In AoM they tried to be as different as possible with the original 3 civilisations. The Greeks purposely are the most generic and the others are basically variations of them, which is very visible if you look at the cut content, because in earlier stages the others where more similar like having cavalry scounts or Norse spearman and archers.

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