Win a game and lose -1 point?!

How can this be? Has anyone ever heard of this before? Seriously? -1 for an online win???

Sometimes the system doesn’t properly change your ELO, so it will catch up in a following game, which result in weird variations like that.


You could have also gone up against someone i believe 400-500 over your elo. The amount of points you gain or lose depends on the elo difference. You can gian up to 36 if you win a 400-500 elo difference at equal elo its 16 points.

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Good to know. But I was about 40 elo higher than he was. AND, I won the game.

-1 seems strange. Winning just 1 point or losing just 1 point make sense if the winning player had much higher elo (>400 elo difference), but negative numbers seems like a bug. We had this bug in the past and it was fixed. So i dont really think you got -1 point, but you might remember something wrong.

40 elo difference should mean around +14 elo if you win, -18 if you lost.