Win count in ranked match was reversed

In two matches of the new treated mode ranked in the casual rooms I got two wins and in the ranking it counted as losses, I would like the developers to return my two wins and fix this bug

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keep dreaming bro, i contacted them once because of a crash on ranked game and they told me they cannot reverse it.

Hi @rogerionarede !

We could not repro your issue, did it happen to you more than once?


it is very rare that this type of problem happens because if it were a systematic error and that the classification system is working badly I am sure that it would be full of players reporting the same problem, once I win the game and I do not mark the victory

Oh I see. I will pay attention to forums, lets see if that happens to more people in the next days

Same issue, ranked games won counting as losses. This is unacceptable.

Hi again guys!

I still cannot repro your issue, but it seems that it is happening to more people. Can you provide more details to us? Which kind of game it was? Does it happen to you regularly?

We are now tracking this issue!