Windowed game weird resolution and not rotated on my display

= Game information:
AOE4 AppID: 1466860 / Build Id: 10817479
steam, windows 10
LG dualup 2880x2560 (Rotated 90 anti-clockwise)

= Issue experience:
When started Windows the game resolution is 1080x1920
I do expect to be 1920x1080.
This is the wrong dimension it should be 90degrees rotated.

= frequency of issue

= Reproduction steps
As describe above
When I turned the game full desktop the game is full screen but zoomed in.

= Expected result
When started Windowed the game resolution should be 1920x1080
the same orientation as the MS Windows OS is displayed on my. It should be regardless of the LG display being rotated left or right.
I do want it give any resolution manually resizing the game window.


Hey @Aborix! Best thing to do here would be to contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file . Thanks!