Windows 10 update don't work

Since a half year I can’t install the recommended update. It always fails. Fix it. Or let people play game with older Windows 10.
The good old Windows 7 days. Never had a problem!

Start > type “winver” > hit Enter
Which version do you have here?

Manually upgrading your Windows 10 usually solves all problems you might have.

1803 , build 17134.1040

Also tested manually… total waste of time

Download Windows 10 Version 1803 first and update to the same version (it’s possible and no worries, you can keep all installed software and data). And then try again upgrading to the latest version. If you unzip the Media Creation Tool, you can use the MediaCreationTool.bat to choose, which version you wish to download. By default, it downloads the latest version only.

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Mediacreation Tool is .exe, cant unzip it. It download Windows 10.

You can extract the EXE file using WinRAR.

tried dont work… i can pack it

Download, unzip and run the MediaCreationTool.bat

Found a programm to unextract it. But MediaCreationTool.bat don’t exist.

Beside the fact that Windowsupdate is buggy, why I am forced to have the latest windows. Makes no sense. This is stupid… Can’t buy the game with this force to have. This game should also work on Windows 7. I remember I switched from beloved Win 7 to 10 only because of AoE DE 1. Will stick to AoE 2 HD. Will enjoy Warcraft 3 Reforged, this will work on any Windows 10.

Please check my last post with the URL to a Github project. Click download on the top right side of the page and run the mentioned BAT file. Choose the correct version of Windows 10 and download it. Then install the same version over the existing Windows 10 installation and keep all data and apps. After done, you should be able to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10.

This don´t work. First it says 1803 is not available to download. Found 1803.exe with google insert it in same folder. Now it downloads windows 10 full installation. I only want to update Windows 10 not to reinstall it!

So this is crap. Upgrade don’t work. Windows company fails. I don’t know. there must be spyware in new update that they force us to get it in order to play this old game with new texture! Maybe Steamversion don’t need it??

why I am forced to have the latest windows

Support for Windows 7 ends in January 2020, at which point MSFT will no longer be providing patches.

With that in mind, it makes no sense to support the game on a soon to be unsupported operating system.

Do you still have a Windows.old folder of previous Windows install on your system drive?

This makes no sense. Other Games are supportet despite what operating system. See Blizzard Games. They don’t mind if I have Win 10 1803 or 1903 or what ever. BTW I have Win 10.

I don’t know. I installed Win 10 on a empty Harddrive. Since then I did nothing. Just tried to update this working system.

It always downloads the full installation. When running the setup, it will offer you to perform a update instead and keeping all data and apps. You must upgrade to the same version first to fix your problems and then updating to the most recent version. If you are having 1803 installed, you run the 1803 update first and once completed successfully, you update to 1903.

No after donwloading it started to install. Nothing was offered. Started with 1% and so on. Think your information from this page is old. Microsoft have new installer.

I think you’ll find that a lot of publishers will drop support for Windows 7 when the OS goes out of support.

Do you now have an 1803 ISO file?