Windows Insider Build and games

Windows insider builds are for like beta testers. Do not expect all applications to be compatible with insider builds its like giving away your machine to Microsoft so that they can run the apps which you use and charge the developer of the non Microsoft products later with your cookie information and advertisement. Do not expect system intensive apps and games to be compatible with a beta builds.
Second is the windows defender It will leave out the trojan, adware and malware and bother you with slowing down the system and game app utilization. so get a reliable non bothering antivirus app which does not interfere with your browsing preferences. yep most of the antivirus become big brothers monitoring your online activity.
Do not let the game app to post your game achievements directly especially to facebook, twitter take a screen shot and share with relevant tags. Cause Its like Wololo … then facebook ,twitter will bombard you with other game related sponsored videos and youtube will display game related activity ‘suggested for you’ and you will end up buying all the junk DLCs which you might nvr play in our lifetime.