Windows Store App ui - How to hide/disable

How do I get rid of these? (apologies if this has been asked before)

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I think you can’t but also interested in a solution.

The grips are common in Microsoft Store apps. They automatically disappear on their own. As far as I know there is no way to disable them.

Yes but as a RTS you often need to put the mouse on the upper & down edges, and this ui can disturb scrolling.

@Danicela I was simply answering @Jiraeth’s question. I agree that there should be an option to disable them.

If you’re looking to provide feedback on Windows 10 Gaming, I would suggest submitting your ideas on UserVoice here:

Once you submit your idea, post it in the off-topic section of these forums so the community can upvote.

There is a fix but involves registry:


Ah-ha! This worked - thank you!

Perfect. Someone pin this, please.

The same thing I want to ask for the MAC system as I have a MAC and I want to access the game and the option of hiding in the MAC. Is this possible? Is it not going to create problem for other applications like iTunes as I have faced iTunes error 9 previously.