Windows Store (gamepass) - Steam Cross Save?

I am using Gamepass for AOE 4 and I plan to buy the full game on Steam later on.

Is there any info on save transfer/lack of it with AOE 4? And how it will work?

Will all my progress be available when I log in to the Steam version with the same MS account?


Unfortunately, no.
Progress won’t transfer between platforms.

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Thanks for the answer.

That is very unfortunate. Would be really good if the devs could figure this out and make the progress transferable.

As it is now without cross platform progression, I will just rush through the campaign before my game pass runs out, and I will just not buy the game until its 80% off years from now and focus on my 1000+ game backlog and other games instead in a month. (I am mostly single-player campaign focused).

If the progress from game pass transferred to Steam I would take my time with the campaign and definitely buy on Steam to continue the experience.

Shame this was not considered prior to launch, and really needs to be fixed and addressed, even if its just a one-time transfer from game pass to Steam account.

My Steam and MS accounts are linked so makes no sense the progress can’t sync over. :frowning_face:


Same situation. Very frustrated, IMO there needs to be an exclaimer somewhere in game where you link your xbox account saying “Cross progression will not transfer”. Dont get the point at all of the link if no progression comes with it.

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Yea I’m level 131 and I want to buy deluxe edition but I have on gamepass but I have steam wallet funds but if I can’t transfer my progression then I can’t buy off steam can I buy from Microsoft store then

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I’m going to echo this and say I really want to see transferrable/shared progress as a feature; really not sure why that isnt the case already, given the nature of a global online profile.

Any way to request this as an enhancement?

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yeah I would like to know as well.

I have played on Game Pass, got level 71 with multiple masteries finished and some worked on. Campaign whole finished.

For completed things the achievments were registered, but no progress was carried over. Campaign on steam is reset, as well as all masteries and my multiplayer level. Will it be transferred later?

Did you manage to keep your nickname and elo or it’s been reset too?

You get new nickname ( if you have different for steam and game pass) and all progress is reset.

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