Wingless Hussar for non Polish civs please

Lithuanian tech tree was pretty much poland but with poland getting added both civis are kinda in an odd place.


Yeah… it appears kind of spoiled to demand that degree of exclusiveness after already getting that many special skins etc for a civ tbh


I personally love seeing more and more skins for units and hopefully one day all the hero units will have historically accurate skins.


I must admit this is one of the best threads I’ve ever read here on this forum. It’s great example how people accuse other people for something that in reality they represent. Like for example:

  • we got a person who accused other people for extreme nationalism while behaving like extreme nationalist

  • person who came only to discussion to whine for “whining people”

  • and person who tell us that this forum is democratic while behaving like everyone with different opinion are his enemies.

I hope I got work for studies about current society on internet.

@CelticKeeper I believe you got Polish nationality now, congrats man 11. And it appears that you wanted to remove entire sprite for Hussar. Democratic forum, but with highly limited free speech.

The real mistake was apple pie with raisins. I mean, I like apple pie and raisins, but raisins in apple pie ? Disgusting.


Seeing the work of devs, I think they are trying to do what you want to see. Like for example, they updated William Wallace model from generic Champion to own hero skin.


I want justice for the archers of the eyes who should be nubian(black) archers not European xbows.


And don’t forget Mounted Samurai :wink:
I personally from current heroes would like to see new model for Zawisza The Black. Currently he has Hussar appearance, but I would like to see him in his famous black full plate armor.


You don’t even care to read the thread do you?
Just come here to wine and complain?


They should also give robin hood his sprite in the icon.its just a recolored longbow with a mustache.


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fuhhhh now I want that Robin Hood now!


It’s missing the Wallachians imho.

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You’re right. Overall Romanians are missing civ in this game.

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Change the look of a classic unit after 20 years?

No thanks. Jeez, leave my Hussars alone.

What’s next? Make Beserkers look uncool and boring to be “historically accurate”? The game looks great. Leave the graphics alone.


I gave my beserkers a dane axe , thus they have their shield on their back and a large dane axe in hand.

The original Beserker skin i gave to the Vikings as their long sword unit.


This is my idea of a light cav that can be used as a generic ‘‘Hussar’’ for other civs.
It doesn’t represent a certain/spesific civ unit and is highly distinguishable from the generic light cav unit. If you need an even more striking differance , add plumage to the helm, this resebles no other unit in game (Just like the winged hussar) and is highly recognisable / distinguishable

Once again , I suggest that they add this as a possible reward for a Polish civ event.
Let me spell it out for you. - Reward: Every other civ gets this beautiful generic ‘‘hussar’’ skin and only the Poles get the winged version. (Since the devs already make special / distinct skins for events as well as new civs).

This is all hoping to see more and more civ specific skins be added to the game as time passes, by means of events,DLCs and what not.


Splendid idea, I’m looking forward to such an event or even better as a general skin design tweak.


Light Cavalry/Hussar is a unit that can be made more regional-specific, especially with the addition of Poles with their iconic winged hussars.

I’m not quite sure what the Light Cavalry/Hussar for civs from other parts of the world looked like, but for Chinese (and other East Asian civs) the Light Cavalry could look like this if we wanna be regional-specifc:


It’s an Osprey illustration of a Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) cavalryman. There’re some Osprey illustrations about ancient China that are quite inaccurate, but this one is actually quite on point.

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Yes it would be sensatiunal to have every region have their own Cav lines. That is what I would love to see, beautiful units skins for every region. This will be brilliant for the Asian civs like CHinese, Korean and perhaps Tibetans in the future.