Wish There's More Campaign

I just completed the English, French, Mongols and the Russian campaign. I love the history and its war battles while learning the game.

English and French seems straightforward gameplay. I learned Mongols and Russians have differing gameplay on resources/army.

Wish there’s campaign with Chinese, Delhi, Abbasid and Holy Roman Empire. I wanna know their history… on how they started while learning how to play their civilization. Are they hinting us that there would be AoE4 expansion to include the new Civilization campaign in the future?


I totally agree, hopefully in the future they could implement it, maybe one civ per patch so that the devs wont be overworked.

I agree too, hopefully the missions are more fun in future campaigns, but everything else was well done imo

Tbh I think they have dug a hole too deep for themselves with the production value of those documentaries. It seems overly complicated and expensive to make those.
They are extremely cool, but on the same coin they are also the reason we have so little campaign content, as it costs alot to make those campaigns and shoot+edit that footage.

I wouldn’t mind if they release campaigns without those documentaries if it means more playable content, but at this point I believe they are obliged to keep to their own standards and make those docs, which means we will have less playable content as resources have a limit.

This is the reason that made me buy the game. A variety streamer recomended the game for the campaign and the documentaries. And i don’t regret the purchase.

The campaigh was mostly well received (especially the documentaries ) so i hope for more.

But i believe right now the focus is on ballance and bug fixes. By far the most complains lean on this direction.

Yes,the most likely thing is that they do it…a campaign where the different Chinese dynasties are imposed (618-1433),or the rise and fall of the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526),the rise of the Abasi Caliphate (759-1225) and the creation and expansion of the Holy Roman Empire from Otto I to Charles V (962-1558)…

Yes I think the same thing…the missions are good, but I think that missions are abused a lot of attack-defend this or that site, on the other hand in the previous AoE, including AoE Online, the missions were a little more varied in that aspect of only attack-defend…

Of course,it seems like a History Channel documentary,at least they will serve as an object of learning in schools…