Wishlist & Feedback

Hi all,
I wanna share some thoughts and wishes that hopefully could be used for future content. I invite you folks to share your wishlist down bellow as well as your thoughts/comments about mine.

Note: Take in mind that my comments are to enrich the game, they might be unbalanced or need tweaking.

I like in general the graphics of the game, it looks awesome but got a few “observations”:

  • Some buildings as Military buildings, houses and some Landmarks look “short”, while others have a good size in my opinion as the HRE Smith Landmark. Would be nice if the height of some of these buildings would be increased.

  • France, England and HRE buildings sets look alike (towncenter, houses), I had to zoom and look for pics to find their differences, I understand due a lot of things they share some things but would be nice if their difference were more notorius as barracks.

  • On the same note some European cities had these tall stone houses as the HRE smith landmark, would be nice if we could have something like for houses.

  • HRE had many lands of eastern Europe as Hungary, Bohemia but in-game most of its architecture style is more “German”, would be nice if some kind of representation of such eastern kingdoms would be represented. For those that have played Aoe2 is like Teutonic order and Bohemia architect sets. Walls too.

  • Some units in the first ages have some type of brown “bronze” in their armors that for me looks bad, some units have better visual progression, while others like these do not.

  • HRE Mace Tech, would be nice if this tech from the barracks affected HRE knights too and changed their swords to maces.

  • Sacred sites: Would be nice if as Markets change visually depending on the map/climate and to have something like a temple or some building.

I think brainstorming is a good way to get ideas, so I will do that. Also would be nice if some mechanics could be implemented from past games.

New unique units for HRE:

  • Landsknetch Halberd, as the one thats already in game but wielding a Halberd with bonus vs cavalry. Not very original but they did use it too.

  • Teutonic Knight, others have suggested this and its popular due Aoe 2 (mounted and infantry). Personally I like the unit but I think if added should be extra not a replacement as the english wynguard.

  • I think would be nice to have some kind of “representation” of the HRE administrative system as Bailifs or Mayors or some other type of charge but I think it would clash with the Prelade function.

  • Another post suggests a new “church” unique were prelade are garrison to produce resources, the Idea is nice though again in all europe there were monks working.

Mercenaries (From Aoe3): Would be nice if each civ had a set of mercenaries that can be hired with gold, using no pop but instead had a build limit of x number.

Heroes/Kings/Generals: Some civs have them as English King, Mongol Khan. Would be nice all civs had one and as Aoe3 we could change its skin/model.

Customization: I like the masteries, banner and TC statue but would be nice if we had even more, more goals and unlockables as above skins for kings, units, buildings for ex: units with textures of early medieval period, buildings not something so complex but maybe variations in their roof colors.

Some type of Capital mechanic as Aoe3 and Aoe Online were we can build things and also we can win special buildings or something.