Wishlist for Imperial Officers

A Wishlist for Imperial Officers

  • A hotkey to cycle through secondary economic units, like Imperial Officer’s. I currently have to cycle through them by manually clicking on the UI button.

  • Shouldn’t auto-collect tax gold from buildings that have less than 20 gold. I constantly have to turn auto tax off or fight this. If I am not vigilant, the officer will collect tax from a building that will give me less gold than the amount I need for a certain upgrade, and then put collecting tax from that building on cooldown for 30s. If you don’t want to make this change, then at least let me have auto-tax off by default.

  • IO with auto tax on shouldn’t be considered idle villagers. This is espeically telling if I try to use the “Select All Idle Villagers” hotkey and suddenly have an IO selected as the main unit of a group.

  • I’ve seen a few scenarios where I’ve built a mill near the starting sheep and the villagers thereafter try to wander off to the far-off berries.

  • If I give the command to collect tax from a building and then shift-right click a TC this makes the IO collect tax and then garrison in the TC. Meaning I cannot shift-click return the tax to the TC.

  • At the start of every game, I build a mill near my main TC and move the sheep to the opposite side of the mill from the TC. This is because villagers are not smart enough to prefer returning food to the mill if both the mill and TC are close, thus giving no supervised benefit or tax gold. I can fix it with micro, but I’d like this changed if possible.

Granary Bug

  • The granary is larger than the mill but has the same hitbox for villagers to return food, meaning that there is a longer walk time to return food to the granary, essentially negating most of its +15% food bonus.