-AoE3 unit stances

-tracking for civiladtion mastery goal in the game

-ability to rotate buildings

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Because not everyone has the time to sit around waiting, or enjoys playing like that. Having a faster game may be more enjoyable for others, and it certainly takes less time, which not everyone has.


yes, but they should have the option AVAILABLE for players who do have time, do you get it??

players who do not have time will still play rushed matches. it’s all about the options to lure more players into the game. My group of friends is still playing aoe3 because aoe4 never got treaty mode added.


You can play treaty mode in custom games with your friends (or anyone who joins your lobby).

I doubt a matchmaking mode is created for it though because I don’t think it’s actually very popular.

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Didnt you read my post where I exactly said " and dont come with the " you can play treaty in custom mode" "?? hahaha I said it explicitly because ppl in custom mode are all pros, my elo sank down because of matching system and im not a pro. So I need it to be available in RANDOM MATCHES too


I’m just saying it’s probably never going to happen outside of customs. That’s a very, very niche mode. AoE2 doesn’t even have it. If there aren’t enough people then the matchmaking won’t be any better than getting randoms in lobbies anyway.

When you’ve done it in customs have you used the actual mod that enforces the treaty? Or just trusted everyone to wait?

If you’re the one hosting you can also choose who to allow or kick. So that you don’t have to play with the “pros”.


i remembered something here :

  • Rotatable buildings

  • Classic “how do you turn this on” cheat

  • different animals like lions,crocodiles they can replace the wolf acording to biome

  • Treaty mode


Different hunt and wolf variants for different biomes would be cool.


My reason is because you get to play twice as many games if you end them quickly. In a treaty or turtle game, it’s always going to be the same game every time. The same build order for 30 minutes. Not fun.


the real fun starts after the treaty time is over, so everyone has built something big

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my wishlist:

  • i want to see every unit stat when i click to unit like in age of empires 3

  • i want better tech tree that shows everthing about unit(yes i know this site Explorer – AoE4 World )

  • i want black colour to added

  • i want map choose and other options to be at sameplace when im starting a game i must see them all at once

  • i want to map ui size to be changeable at options

  • i want better garrison information i cant see the damage and health of tower for example i want to see them too and we must can choose which unit we want to ungarisson

  • Rotatable buildings

  • Classic “how do you turn this on” cheat

  • different animals like lions,crocodiles they can replace the wolf acording to biome

  • Treaty mode

  • There should be a scenario editor for easy to use which player can test every stuff

  • pause function

  • maybe to stop ranged units overkill their arrows or bullets or javelins keep going if the unit is dead (im not sure about that)


this is a request for hotkeys


I add this as my whislist:

1- When you select villagers and military at the same time, villager build menu is disappearing which is not the case with AoE2. It should be visible because you need to find that villager and unselected soldiers if they are together which is pain. If that can be added, we can build a house for example if there is a villager among the soldiers.

2- Also easy drag military is needed (when you for example press Ctrl or Alt just like in Aoe2
3- Caster mode and replay mode UI is so huge it should be scaleable.

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when you select both of them you can chose beetwen them by clicking their icons or you can press tab to change the selected unit just telling you to know



Wrong, treaty very much exists in aoe2, in official lobbies, no mods needed

It’s only in custom games.

You can also do it in custom games in AoE4.

Whether or not it’s a mod makes very little difference. Both require a custom lobby.

The person who suggested it specifically wants it as a game mode with matchmaking:

AoE2 does not have that. So no, not wrong.

I’ve been asking for this one every patch. It’s the biggest annoyance I have in the game.

They’re finally making the minimap resizable and fixing the garrison menu which were also super annoying.

but you need a mod to do it, in aoe2 its not needed, yes even aoe2 doesn’t have aoe3’s treaty ladder but its there officially, no need to mod it in

true no arguing