With each patch only more problems. Is this negligence or incompetence? What happens anyway?

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  • GAME BUILD #: 100.12.29715.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Seriously what’s the problem with you guys? Why not just focus on fixing all bugs first before wasting time creating new bugs?

After this new patch on June 8th 2021 the game got worse at a level I didn’t think it could get worse.

All visual effects are lagging, the units seem to run at 4 frames per second even though the FPS counter is pointing at 90 FPS. It’s giving me a headache.

That’s just one of several new and annoying bugs you’ve produced.
And with each new update I fool myself into believing that in the new patch everything will be fine. I’ve lost countless friends and partners who just gave up playing. Some come back and see the scenario as worse and give up forever. This is ridiculous. You don’t have a tracked list of bugs you’re working on. You answer one or another thing here but don’t fix it. It has bugs that have been present since the beta version.

And as always, we customers have to take the trouble to report every piece of junk found in the game, detail it, and hope it gets fixed before the end of the year.

Just another player who gave up playing.
October 2005 - June 2021. End.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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It’s things like this that make me -and others- suspect there is no QA at all going on, which leads to decreased game enjoyment and company image, and ultimately people leaving the game. I understand some bugs can slip through, and the new PUP system can be an effort of reducing these, but if there is no QA or testing going on next to this… Yeah at this point I feel like we are owed an explanation, and an apology at the very least.


Aztec upgraded walls are still bugged. It should have a higher priority than an UI bug. Why no fix ?


But hey they created a mini map that no one will use cause it covers a third of ur screen.


Actually the Mini map and the easy acess HC are great improvements.

The lag/ Frame rate is the problem


When would u ever use that enlarge mini map? Takes up a third of your screen.

The mini deck was a good idea but it takes more clicks than the old way. Like why doesn’t it disappear once u click on a card? Why??? Just shows the lack if care tbh


Yes this is very choppy


I too have this bug, the game felt almost unplayable. The choppy experience is almost as if user alt-tabs on one screen and is viewing the game in another. Also the graphic quality of textures seems to have been reduced heavily, my graphic settings are all maxed out and the building textures look so terrible while zoomed out. It feels like the choppyness is reduced if you zoom in but zooming in makes you see much less.


Yes graphics have DEgraded for sure


Below the link. I talked a little about this and proposed some solutions. As I work as a graphic designer focused on UI/UX and front end, I made some sketches for deck problems and other solutions.

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Icons such as the town center or trading post on the minimap are either obfuscated or not there if around a lot of buildings/units.

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As a programmer and developer of web applications, I could see and notice that it is an amateur system for solving bugs. I believe they don’t have enough skills to fix many of the bugs and they do bad workarounds.


In fact, the “easy access” feature of decks is to push the dirt under the rug. The HC with all those visual effects and new effects additions in HC china and US only causes lag.

With this feature that you liked came another bug, the shortcut of going to Town Center with the T key is no longer working after opening the deck once and trying to exit to Town Center.

And both features should have the option of being able to resize and change position, in live, in game.

Everything they do seems to have been done by beginning modders and not a professional game studio.

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Love the visual effects. If you dont have a computer for that, of course that you should disable them.

I dont use legacy keycommands (because is way suboptimal). But perhaps there is a conflict of Hotkeys, since i used the feature in game with sucess.
My Hotkeys for TC are F1 (go to TC) or Alt +Q to select all TCs

From your comments it is clear to me that you are an avid enthusiast and devotee of the game.

What you shouldn’t do is blame the players for the game’s flaws.

You talk about disable visual effects, but that can’t be done.

I have a very good computer, which runs the latest games releases on the ultra high. The game is poorly optimized, this is public knowledge. AOE3de is very poorly done. You speak without knowledge.

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Dude if you walk around the fórum you will see my criticism to the game and it SEVERAL SEVERAL flaws. The devs did really screw this patch up

But Mini HC is a great improvement not a cover up. If your PC cannot hold the fire works and aurora, that is fine, just put the normal HC.

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Looks like the latest hotfix fixes the issue.

Well with the state they released all of these Definitive Editions in, you already have your answer. To hell with QA of these old games, their goal is to see if this franchise still have financial viability. Did you not see the Age of Empires 4 trailer? Looks like a Clash of Clans game to me. Ensemble Studios would be in tears if they saw this.

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Mine still running like SHYYYTE, even after hotfix.


Weird. Everything smooth as butter now for me.