With historical accuracy in mind, the Indian unit roster is anything but

I’m a big fan of the Indians. They are supposed to represent the Mughal Empire. But i see they are still a completely fantasy civilization, which makes no sense given how the team has supposedly worked tirelessly to increase accuracy not to offend anyone.

I understand it might be “fun” for a nation to play really differently than everyone else, but i am really disappointed.

For example, they have way too many elephant units. Elephants were still used yes, but they are like half the roster, and the difference in hitpoints between them is even 3x which makes no sense. Why would one elephant be so much harder to kill? Also Elephants were very expensive, they should be the cream of the army, not a unit that composes most of it.

Also 2 units of camels and no unit of horses makes no sense. What the Mughals were famous for, more than anything else, was their huge horse cavalry armies, and those horses and men were very heavily armored. In game we only have a light camel cavalry, the Sowar, and the gun camels unit, but no real horse cavalry. Camels were used by them, but in an insignificant number compared to horse cavalry.

The fact that they aren’t allowed horse archers also makes no sense. The Mughal Empire is a descendant of the Timurid Empire, which employed typical steppe Nomad army of huge cavalry numbers, mostly focused on heavy cavalry and horse archers.

Also the infantry is basically the units that were used by the British East India company, and no units that were used by the Mughals.

So basically like i said, it looks like a completely made up faction to play. And it’s really disappointing with all the praising about the research and historical accuracy.

I can only think that the devs were so focused to not offend modern day Americans (of tribes that while extremely interesting and a welcome addition to the game, were just that, tribes and small nations, that can’t possibly compare with resources of any European or Asian nation at the time), that they thought it made sense to completely ignore an empire which at it’s height encompassed 25% of the world population, and was a military juggernaut.

So again, i can kinda understand why it was made the way that it was, it’s just really disappointing to me.


The Mughal Empire being lead by Brahmin monks, with Mystic Syllable and Dukkah Suffering, is inredibly inaccurate, though amuzing as it is.

They should replace the 2 Brahmins with a Warrior Prince on an Elephant, and adjust the stats for it, since the 2 Brahmins are OP as it is (basically unkillable, so you can have free scouting of the enemy base).

In terms of accuracy, i would say, since the flag in the story mode of Ming Dynasty is still the yellow dragon flag of Tsing but even every small factions have their unique flags in historical battles, i don’t think the team would really love to / was able to / was allowed to cover all details for accuracy, even they do have somewhat removed the Manchu braids (but at the same time mandarins in Tsing uniforms occur on the board of Ming’s Treasure Ship).

To be honest, at least in aoe2, I’ve always felt it would be better to make a separate Tamil Civ of naval + war elephant, rather than just one civilization in Indian appearance like now

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I can’t open it, but i assume it’s the one that makes the Sowar a cavalry unit? If so, i’ve installed it right away for at least some horses.

The correct Mughal army should be all about cavalry, mostly heavy, that would do really well in the first ages, but lose it’s effectivness later on vs mass infantry fire and artillery. It would still be a very fun nation to play, perhaps like Russia being able to field large armies. India was still in the middle ages basically, so they used a lot of armor when the Europeans completely forgot about it because it wasn’t worth it. And they had huge manpower.

And yeah, i forgot about the monk scouts but whatever :smiley:

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how about Maratha Empire, were there any differences between their army and Mughal?

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India is not about mugal , Mughals didn’t add anything to India unit wise . Mughal were foreigners , they were not even Indian . Making Indian civilization mugal base would be so dammam bad.

Current units are absolutely perfect , camels are used by rajput empires and elephants were used by ashoka and Marathas . They were the real representative on indian civilization . I m glad age franchise choses the right units .

Brahmin monks represent India , true
Camels and elephants extensively used in India , true
Sepoy and Gurkhas were the Indian troops who fought in first world war , true

I see no problem here . There were so many great empires in India and age franchise gave justice to all .

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yes it is that one :slight_smile:

wow glad to know! :smiley:

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What are you talking about? Even the flag is of the Mughal Empire. Even the ruler is Akbar. And Ashoka? You mean the emperor that lived 2000 years before the game start? What does he have to do with anything.

I don’t mind Maratha units and units from other parts of India. But in the era the game portrays the Mughal Empire was by far the most important Empire in India, and close to being the most important in the world. And they are only portrayed by a flag and by the ruler.

Also you are talking about First world war and 300bc… If you want Indians before 15-19th century play Age of Empires II. And if you want first world war Indians, again this is the wrong game. You are basically just proving my point.


Even rajputs used horses not camel. Search “Rajput Cavalry” on google image and you will see it shows horse cavalry not camel cavalry.
Ashoka is from ancient age and that too from Magadha, he has nothing to do with camels. He is 2 millenium years older than the era AoE3 is set on.
Also what’s the point of saying Mughals not Indian? Mughal Empire is Indian, what other region is it if not Indian? Mughal Dynasty may have decended from Timurid but they married with Rajputs and adapted Indian cultures and ruled Indian Domains, Mughals are an Indian Empire!
Also do you know Zamburak is a Persian Weapon and Unit not Indian?
If you like Maratha then go for it search Maratha units. You will find that even they used only horses(Pindaris and Bargis), no camels…
The point is Indians never used Camels on large scale the way Age of Empires Series represents. They did used it but not more than horses. Horse should be the stable unit and camel should be homecity call in not vice versa.

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Mughals were not Indian like British were not Indian , many countries were u der brtish rule and brit were very sting , that doesn’t mean , u put brit kingdown as representative of each country ??

Ur point has flaw , first of all mugal were not Indian , they were intruders like British . So they can’t represent Indian civilization , they don’t even represent anything indian but taj mahal .

If u consider intruders as representative of natives , then most civilization should have British flag ???

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But it is the Mugahls, even in the campaign they are trying to reinstate a Mugahl Sultan in one mission.
Not to mention that the leader is Ackbar, and the flag is the Mugahl one.

India is more than just mugals man , not all campaign are about mugals.

Urumi , camels , sepoy , Gurkha , tese were part of different Indian empires , but not in mugals

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campaign in aoe3

they were all employed by mughals

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U can search , rajputs did use camels in their army , along with horses

Sepoy are literally just British East India Company unit, their name even comes from Persian, and just means Soldier.

It’s wrong , not a single unit among them were their in mugals army , except elephants and sowar .

Rest units were part of different empires in India other than mugals . Like sepoy , Gurkhas , rajputs , urumi , chakram , etc

Elephants were part of most Indian Empire tho .

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Mugals didn’t employ them , they were independent empire

Basically i have only one question, which is for the devs and i want to know what people think of it.

The Mughals were the greatest empire in India in the games timeframe, yet have no units. I would suggest the Indians to get a Horse Archer and a Heavy cavalry unit, which would be strong early game, but lose value as the game goes on. They could also be expensive if it’s balancing wise, but it would really change the nation for the better imho.