With the Persia rework, time to get Elephant Riders

Just title. Keep riderless War Elephants on scenario editor, but a little bit more of realism giving Riders on them would be cool


If no rider then the unit should go to siege workshop.


The single unit of the Persian is fine without a rider, in my opinion it should be kept as we know it as far as the image is concerned. What should change is that it be a little more resistant to conversion and a little faster.

If we take into account what you say then what would be the unique unit of Persian.

The Persian War Elephant needs a mahout :+1:.


This is not a post to discuss balance, only the graphic and artwork. Sure, nostalgia, but OG Ensemble Studio changed the Turtle Ships of Koreans because they were innacurate… Why don’t give a Mahout to the War Elephant?


Every cavalry unit needs a ride or die!

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