Without a rated lobby it would be boring !?

Sadly aoe 3 DE was made without a rated lobby and i and some friends switched back to aoe 3.

My question woud be before buying Aoe 4 , is there a rated lobby? If not i wont buy it as its really boring , as anybody can see on aoe 3 de. Games are not balanced at all! and the quick search function is really bad as you would only play against pre made teams or some nerds. Also the waiting time on ‘‘quick’’ search is a no go!

Please devs , dont do the same mistake and remove rated lobbys.

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Even if it doesnt show, trust me, there is en Elo running in the backround.


There is hidden elo. Rate will exist when the game released.

As close beta top25, I would play with some group of people a lot and have a longer than ave que time (sometimes over 5 minutes).

Yes in last interview they said you can play multiplayer and “for now” you have a hidden ELO within the game.
Your ELO + Rank will be visible on the aoe website and you will be matched against you ELO level.
In Spring 2022 they will implement the ranked/season/tournament which will all be visible ingame.
Most likely they will add something like starcraft 2 ranked ladder.

Hope this information helps


I just saw there is no rated lobby in aoe 4 . Really bad idea ! devs just took the bad advise from a small group of nerds from the so called ‘‘esoc community’’ ( as they did with aoe 3 de ) . My guess is that it wont be a hit with a functional gamer base. I would never buy aoe 4 . Allready wasted money on aoe 3 de!

they have confirmed the find match system has mmr running in the background and there will be ranked on release.

Ranked lobbies are a bit outdated now as it is much easier to find balanced games via a matchmaking queue.