Wololo Wednesday: July Contest and June Winners - Age of Empires

            <div class="EmbeddedContent"><img src="https://msgpwebcdn.azureedge.net/aoe/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Ahmad-Ali-Kasims-entry-811x1024.png" class="LeftAlign" /><strong>Wololo Wednesday: July Contest and June Winners - Age of Empires</strong>
               <p>Greetings, Wololo Warriors! It’s time for you to step up and show your Wololo spirit in our monthly contest. But first, the winners from last month! We asked you to show us a picture that best fit the  caption “Well… That could have gone better”. As always, we had a bunch of awesome entries, but we had … Continued</p>
               <p><a href="https://www.ageofempires.com/news/wololo-wednesday-july-contest-june-winners/">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Please, remastered the AOE 3, upgrade the graphics big time

i love this game even more!

love it :slight_smile: