Wololo - Why only for Inca

As a veteran player for both Aoe II and Aoe III one thing i never understood was why the mechanic of monks in aoe II was never implemented in future games.

One of the Major themes of the colonization was conversion and religion, therefore priests, Imams and missionaries being able to convert enemy units (just like in aoe II) would be totally in character.

The devs introduced a “very flawed” version of wololo with the priestess disregarding all the lessons and mechanics of Aoe II. However the pure existance of this mechanic should be enough for fans to demand its rework and introduction on every civ (because why should the inca alone have the privilege of conversion, isnt that a duty for every faith and philosophy?)

Introducing a good monk mechanic (refining it with techs and cards - and civs have so so many usless cards) should not only introduce new strats but variety to the game, but also make priests usable (i dont remember the last time i created a priest…)

Imagine the Warchief conversion mechanic - which works pretty well and is really useful - applied to a mass of priests against Elephants, cuirasseirs or even mercs (priests the ultimate anti merc unit).

It also opens the door for future DLC civs, as a “monk” civs with units with conversion resistance etc


I think this would be a great mechanic to introduce!

I like it a lot. Fits with an Italian civ as someone has suggested in another thread. religious wars were all the rage in AOEIII time frame. Could differentiate the Protestant’s from the Catholics from the orthodox. Like the Ottomans have their Imams, Give the different religious groups unique unit that has some bonus in a way that reflects their religion.

It wouldn’t be treading on WOL’s toes if they didnt go as far as adding faith resource. just stick to gold cost and im sure it will be still interesting.

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