Wolves are annoying

Did anyone find the wolves to be simply annoying and not really add anything?

Unlike in Age 2, your villagers do not automatically attack the wolf and are at risk of dying if you do not support them. In Age 3, villagers (even in a group) just continue doing their thing until the wolf kills them. If you do respond, the villager is at little risk of dying to the wolf. They are a minor annoyance, and I’m not sure what that exactly adds to the game.


They were pretty annoying, and a little unrealistic. I think they should hunt in packs but only hunt one or two targets that are alone. Wolves don’t typically attack big groups of people.


I actually only ran into 1 wolf the entire stress test, lol

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Remember the annoying town center sound ?

Please do the same with the GIANT wolf howl


(seriously, it sounds like this : Le bruitage de la mort d'un scorpion par Joueur du Grenier dans Excalibur 2555 - YouTube)


My problem with wolves is that there are too many of them and they are extremely annoying to deal with.
Worse thing is when they aggro your trade route.

What I hate is that villagers attacked by wolves will not automatically counterattack, even if they can kill wolves; villagers in AOE2 will automatically counterattack.


Automatically ? Weird, I thought I remember some of my villagers running away as well in AOE II doing nothing if I gave them an order before encountering the wolf

Pretty sure Neanderthals had the brain capacity to figure out to defend themselves against wild animals but I guess not aoe4 villagers. “I think ill just stand here and die”


You want the game to play itself? It’s meant to keep you on your toes when doing something risky with 1-2 villagers. You need to respond.

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This is the purpose of the wolves… they prevent you from spamming out villagers to resource gathering points across the map without worrying.
They are fine as they are :grin:

Pay attention to alerts and kill the wolves? I’ve played over 100 games and don’t believe I’ve lost a villager to a wolf yet.