Wonder building sound

Some people are irritating/annoying others on purpose by building, canceling, and building a Wonder again. This precise action on a loop makes everyone in the same game hear the sound of the Wonder building repeatedly.

Suggestion to resolve: either allow to disable the Wonder sound in the settings or make the player lose all the investment made on it whenever a Wonder is canceled.

Suggestion to resolve: Do not give back player extra 30% so he could not use this in-game bug to increase his resources … Thanks RELIC for solving this problem within 24h just like relic duplication and not in 2 months … THANKS :slight_smile:

What? You are saying there is a glitch where the player receives 30% extra of resources for canceling the wonder?

After you research tech +30% building HP in university try to build a wonder and cancel it … you will see a real WONDER of this game and incompetence of devs :slight_smile:

Now I got it. Anyway, I left the game when he started to do that. So, I left him playing alone—no fun playing with stuff like this.

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It’s actually a known bug with the university tech where cancelling any building refunds the extra resources. If possible I would report the player for exploit and move on.

OMG…, I still find myself sometimes not noticing enemy having wonder. Please fix the sound, it should be significant alarm or “enemy building wonder” etc…
DING DING sound appears only when countdown time is closing end. Countdown should be way more alarming and noticeable.


When my focus is on engaging the enemy, I ignore the chime when the wonder is built until it’s complete, and the completion notification in the middle of the screen makes me realize that someone built the wonder. I think there should also be a bigger prompt on the screen when starting to build.

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It’s funny because most of us are complaining that the countdown and other victory conditions are way too big.

We just need to be able to resize all UI elements at will.