Wonder Powers

we need some powers for the ussless, expensive, and slow building speed wonder for each civ.
Like Saracens: Monks covert faster and can convert buildings from range (from PCM III)
Or Teutons: Melee units get +1/+1 armor
Franks: Cavalry cost -X%
The point is that we need to buff wonder, at least to use then on 1 player mode.

These ideas are simple examples, if we get this we would have to planificate very well the bonuses.


Why ? They are doing the job when you need them.
It’s not a building you build in a regicide or conquest game mode. Changes like that will affect the complete game balance again and they need to redo that for every civ.
Most game changes or balance suggestions here are useless and unnecessary, (no offence).


you maybe right, it’s just an opinion XD. Anyways i mean with this to make them useful on conquest and regicide.

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building a wonder costs 1000 of each resource, and then takes ages to build. if you have these kinds of resources to spare but cant win, a wonder won’t help you


Just add wonder as a victory condition


There’s nothing wrong having something extremely expensive (the wonder) give a bonus comparable to the bonus of a unique tech.
But imho it will anyway be hard to build a wonder in a conquest game, unless you already have a huge advantage.

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i have almost 2000 hours in DE and have never build 1 wonder hahaha they’re completely useless, and in ranked games they take so long to build anyway it’s not worth the risk for the reward they’d provide, if they did provide anything. But i do like the idea, i think it makes sense. I doubt anyone would build it though, maybe in super low elo only we’d see that happen.

I like the idea, but Not for conquest/ranked. It could be fun in a scenario or a mod though. I’d Like to Play it.

Well, it may be fun in solo game (which is mostly what I play), but in multiplayer it would probably never be used, unless the bonus are so powerful you basically couldn’t win without building your wonder or rushing everyone before they do so. You have to picture wonder as a tech costing 1k wood, gold AND stones, taking ages to be researched and keeping dozens of villagers busy if you want to have a chance of finishing building it before your enemies stopped you. To make it worth it, the bonus it grants should probably be more powerful than all your civ boni combined, UT included.

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Meh. You’re thinking abot Rise of Nations. In that game you build Wonders right from the second Age (it has a total of 8 ages, spanning from Ancient to today). Each one of them gives you different benefits. The Space Program reveals the map. I think it’s cool. But keep that mechanic out of Age of Empires.

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I really wish we could have Chronosphere and Iron Curtain effects in AoE.
What im trying to say here is even as a mod, theres no need to think of something unique for every civ, but unique for a region of civs. 2-4 effects for the 39 civs.

wonder power from the PCM mod 11111

I’d love this, would be cool - perhaps wonders generate tributes from gaia on top of that similar to a feitoria function - I’d say make it worth 2-3 feitorias with no population cost(the build time as well as the location being visible by all is cost enough alongside the resource cost of the building alone) of course limiting the amount of wonders to 1, as well as give a different bonus for each civ.

For instance:

Aztecs: Relics Generate 200% more gold, Jaguar Warriors +1/2 armor and +2 attack

Berbers: All units move 10% faster

Bohemians: Monks cost -50% resources

Britons: Archers +1 attack

Bulgarians: Cavalry + 5 attack

Burgundians: Relics generate 5 food for every 1 gold and vinyard gold generation is increased by x3 as well as relics now generate 2 wood for every 1 gold

Burmese: Battle Elephants +30% speed and +4 attack

Byzantines: Cataphracts +2/2 armor and -33% cost.

Celts: Woad Raider +12 building attack and +2/4 armor and castles/towers and town centers fire 50% faster.

Chinese: Scorpions and Chu Ko Nu + 2 range

Cumans: Kipchaks +1/1 armor, +10% HP and +2% movement speed

Ethiopians: Shotel warriors + 1/1 armor, +10% hp and +2 attack

Franks: Throwing Axemen +2 attack are effected by ballistics and +1 range

Goths: Unlocks final armor upgrades for infantry and cavalry as well as arson. Huskarl +10% movement speed.

Huns: Tarkans +4/1armor, +8 building damage.

Incas: Villagers and melee infantry units + 2/2 armor and +7% speed

Indians: Villager cost -50%, gain sappers and work 10% faster

Italians: Infantry and Genoese crossbowmen +3/1 armor

Japanese: Samurai +10% movement speed, +1/1 armor, +10 bonus damage vs unique units.

Khmer: Villagers no longer need resource drop off points, and Elephants +10% movement speed

Koreans: Siege Weapons cost -50%, and unique units +10% movement speed, +1/1 armor

Lithuanians: Unique Units +2 attack and town centers +3 range, +4 attack

Magyars: Stable/castle and cavalry archer units -20% cost

Malay: Karambit warriors and militia line cost -50% resources and gain +10% movement speed.

Malians: Town Centers fire x2 arrows and Gbeto +2 attack

Mayans: Eagle Warriors cost -30% resources

Mongols: Cavalry Archers and stable units attack 25% faster

Persians: War Elephants +20% movement speed and cost -20% resources

Poles: Knights deal Trample damage and cost -60% food

Portuguese: all units cost -20% resources

Saracens: Market Trade cost is 0%, and Mamelukes +3 attack, +1/1 armor

Sicilians: Upon finishing the wonder all town centers (up to 10) spawn a group of 7 Elite Teutonic Knights, and all castles (up to 4) spawn 10 Crusader Knights

Slavs: infantry +2/2 armor and +2 attack

Spanish: Conquistadors x1.5 attack speed, +1/1 armor

Tatars: Keshiks x2 gold generation and +3/0 armor.

Teutons: Monks heals up to their own line of sight and Teutonic knights +1/3 armor, reduced pause time between switching targets to heal

Turks: gunpowder unit resource cost -30%

Vietnamese: Rattan Archers +10% hp, +1 attack, and +1/3 armor

Vikings: Increased Berserk Regeneration speed by x2, +2/1 armor

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Those aren’t even remotely balanced

I mean come on. Indians get shafted (50% cheaper vills? By the time you build a wonder you’re not worried about building vills). Meanwhile you give some civs huge savings on army and others huge attack bonus.


I immediately thought about Empire Earth instead. Even there you can build wonders since the low ages to get benefits.

If Indians build a wonder they can train cavalier. Done. :wink: :joy: Or maybe make elephant archers actually viable!

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Maybe if their cheap siege villagers also move 50% faster

Those were just a few examples of bad ones. My hope is something like this never makes it in game because it would quickly lead to a balance mess.

It’s easy enough to say that; however, what bonuses, if any, would you place on the lengthy building of wonders upon completion in normal games?

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I wouldn’t put bonuses on wonders because

  1. wonders are expensive
  2. in order for the bonus to be worth the investment they would have ro be lucrative.
  3. rhis causes balance breaking issues