Wondering how the AI works - Checkin age up times [Poll included]

What are the differences when fighting an AI in skirmish? :thinking:
I’m really curious, how did the devs program the AI to act in certain difficulties? I see it real cool that the AI at a certain level can also kite the enemy hahah, what I can tell from playing 1v1 skirmishes vs all AI levels is the following:
(Playing 1v1 on land maps vs french)

  • Easy:
    The AI is pretty much stuck at age I, 17 minutes to age up for the french without raiding him at all, not much to say, easy to kill instantly.
  • Standart:
    No too different, a bit better timing but they still age up late. Age up in 10 minutes.
  • Moderate:
    A bit of a challenge for a few people, you can still finish a game but you will have a few runs into enemy military if you are a beginner. Age up in 7:30 minutes.
  • Hard:
    Things are getting real, if you let them age up alone, they will respond you with a regiment, yet you can beat them at aging up anyway. They age up just a bit above average, 5:20 minutes, veterans playing occasionally since release can beat this like it’s easy.
  • Hardest:
    4:30 minutes to age up, in the test I aged up at the same time also using french, this is where the line is drawn, this is probably where most players can practice to play multiplayer as these are the skills that most players have. The AI learned to use hit and run tactics or kiting with dragoons as well as knowing when to retreat from an unfavorable exchange most of times. Fair match for the average player.
  • Extreme:
    FASTER THAN ANYTHING, They age up consistently at 3:45 minutes, coureours des bois gather food at 1,44/s whit no upgrades while yours gather at 1,04, they are experts at kiting and micro management, they rush very early in the game. Pretty much every advantage is given to them, no longer a fair match, based purely on skills and decision making to survive, or you can find a trick to make them distracted giving you time for responses (Only weakness I found is that they are attracted to walls, even with the base open they stay on walls for a while).

Is my assessment correct? Any other tricks to beat the AI at expert? If any devs read this we would all love your input :3

I’m also curious about the skills of the guys visiting the forums, what difficulty can you beat vs skirmish AI?

I can beat alone vs…
  • 2 extreme AI (PRO)
  • 1 extreme AI
  • 2 hardest AI
  • 1 hardest AI
  • 1 hard AI
  • 1 moderate AI
  • 1 standart AI (Beginners)
  • 1 easy AI (Trolls here)

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I can only get to beat 1 extreme AI or 2 hardest AI, with luck on my hands :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers :3

You need walls to deal with 2 extreme AIs. Also only specific civs can do it.