Woodcutter etiquette with Mongols

Okay, I’m playing Mongols in co-op vs AI on the King of the Hill map. My preference is to ASAP transfer all my buildings to the top of the hill. Except for the woodcutters, because the trees are all on the periphery of the map. To afford my woodcutters protection, I send them to the woods directly behind the town of an ally.

Apparently this is poor etiquette? Because on a couple of occasions the involved ally has rage quit over this because “I’m stealing all their wood”. Am I in the wrong?

Couldnt just ask him, explainig your strategy? Like a key part of teamgame is cominication.

I thought it was obvious. He can see my entire town has moved to the hill. I am telling them now.

Besides communication doesn’t always work because timezones mean I regularly get matched with Chinese players who can’t read English.

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You’re a team and trying to win right? Makes sense to me.

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Unfortunately, you cannot expect a good understanding of the game / strategies or anything from random team mates… Not once, I was teamed up with player, who after 3 minutes, when enemy scout attacked his gold mining vills, rage quit with comment “I don’t play with toxic cheesers” - I don’t know how people get to 1100 ELO, when they play like this. In 1v1 they can quit any time if like to do so, but I think in team games it’s pretty unfair.

I rally my scout randomly across the map, then other guy is furious while on the way (straight line), my scout got one of his sheep.

I played rus, and team mate came and killed all my deer… why though? :smiley:
Anyway, it’s part of the game with random matchups.


FWIW I’ve never had the hardest AI attack my woodcutters if they’re at the back edge of the map. One game I had gone all-in on the hill, I’d got the sacred site and was just adding more and more army at the sacred site as the clock ticked down, and the AI went to attack my defenceless base. It attacked my TC with loads of units until they were all dead from the TC arrow fire, but never attacked the woodcutters at the back. So you don’t necessarily need to do what you’re doing, but if you do, I’d certainly chop trees a respectful distance away from where the other player is chopping, so you aren’t taking the trees near their lumber camp.

rage quitting against A.I. …
just start new versus A.I, game.