Work the Ai could use

Let me preface this by saying I was typing this before the patch was released. so if you fixed anything already mentioned, thank you.

ive messed around with the ai some more, and the ai still needs work. I really want the default ai to be the best it can be so i no longer feel like using a mod would be better. I don’t think I’ll release many if any updates to the mod on de, and hopefully there shouldn’t be a reason to.

lets start with tags. so many things have tags that they shouldn’t. healers and scouts should not have the landmilitary and military tags, such as aztec warrior preists and native scout. the ai should not consider them in their attack goals by default, and walls having the tag “military building” has caused much grief for no gain whatsoever. the wall connector, or “pillar”, should also have its own tag, and wall that aren’t pillars ideally should have a “wall not pillar” tag as well. buildings that shoot and buildings with a drop off point should meanwhile have their own dedicated tags. this would go a long way to making the ai code so much simpler and remove a lot of potential for bugs and subpar ai performance. Dedicated light infantry tag is a sore point, and is surely needed even if its an ai facing only tag.

On walls, please create a functional and effective wall script for the ai and give inca/Aztecs/Asian civs the cwallgate in their techtree so the ai can build them. you will make so many players happy if the ai can wall effectively, putting some effort into this space may be worth it. also allow the ai to actively build forts using explorer/Russian musketeers to fort hop/refortify.

The ai needs to methodically and continually search the map for unprotected villagers/houses and assign 1-2 kill teams of up to 10 population each to hunt them down, retreating and disbanding upon encountering substantial resistance. Point is to constantly pressure soft targets while minimizing risk and losses to keep players on their toes rather passively taking the map without fear. Currently the ai will essentially ignore unprotected hunters and shrines/torps, and it feels strange and very artificial when they just beeline for the town center every time while a screen away there’s 30 hunters out in the open.

The ai in general should relentlessly seek to contain the human player in a small corner of the map before annihilating them, destroying any outlying gathers, buildings and bases before going in for the heart of their empire.

When a player garrisons into a building it is flagged as shared for the ai, so even if someone hides their villagers in an allies building who already lost, the ai will see it as belonging to the active player and consider it a valid target. Ideally this should also happen for human players as well.

If the ai is in the imperial age and lacks a valid target for several minutes, it should start a spy research plan to prevent stalled games. If the ai is in a revolution without a valid target for several minutes, it should be given access to the spy research. I believe revolutions should have access to spies by default even in pvp, stalled hide and seeks games are unfun and players should always have access to them at the maximum age. again, garrisoned buildings should be flagged as shared ownership for ai purposes when revealed by spies.

the default factory/shrine/tradepost and plaza/pavilion tactics could use improvement. factories should use a priority system of what resource is required as well as a decent stockpile, something like food>gold>wood, before considering switching to cannon. once it is at cannon it should commit to it till the cannon is out if it has spare pop space, and then consider if to continue with cannon or if pop space/ resources have dropped below a threshold and need to be prioritized. shrines and porcelain tower are in the same position. as for plaza tactics, it should go down a priority list of chief respawn>fertility>travois for iro in special circumstances>certain amount of dog soldiers every few minutes>xp until a certain shipment number/age>attack dance.

the warrior/alarm tactic often causes the ai more harm than it helps, especially when compared to the other tactics. seconds spent on skull knights/macemen is simply seconds wasted and even harmful as they slow down ai armies while consuming valuable pop space, and regular healers in general are too terrible to waste any effort in acquiring/utilizing them currently. Inca should also use llama in the plaza as well as the llama lifestyle card, saving pop space for eco and priest conversion.

Melee infantry in general should always be replaced asap by their ranged counterparts, ie puma into eagle warriors, plumes into bolas, and pikes into Ruyter/warwagons. The ai can more effectively use ranged units without having to worry so much about wall/collision/pathfinding interactions and other factors that can make their armies very abusable. Aennas into forestprowlers, strelets/abus into falconets into horse guns, crossbows into skirmishers, cetans into wakinas and hussars into hackas/cuirs/lancers are also unit transitions that should happen as the ai advances in age, with obsolete units removed entirely from the unit choice list. While Its funny to see Dutch ai use pikes in age 4 when their 2 royal guard units are dedicated anti cavalry, its also not as fun and exciting to fight along with/against. meanwhile the Aztec late game should consist mainly of their fantastic eagles, with support from maces/coyotes, and iro should transition from toma/aenna/horsemen to mantlet/musketrider/forestprowler when wood starts running low.

Also, organ guns are bugged and will stop firing rounds once primary target is killed, losing out on aoe damage potential compared to one shot artillery like falconets. Its not really ai related but watching the port ai use them is sad.

Artillery should have a cap that changes per age, so you never end up with the full falconet/heavy cannon spam. If the ai detects fortifications it should also make siege units like mortars, siege elephants and arrow knights to assist in breaking them down safely.

Some extended revolution support also goes a long way. Musketeers/janissaries/militia should be transitioned into nizams for Egypt when the tech is researched, cetbangs for skirmishers and artillery, mounted grenadiers for everything, pirates when appropriate(always), and so on.

On the micro flags, it seems to be bugged currently where armies would just suicide when attacking bases, either laser focusing and ignoring everything around them, or just glitching out and walking back and forth while dying to 8 uhlans. This is a problem that needs to be fixed asap, its one of those few game ruining bugs that kill motivation to play comp stomps entirely. There are also times where you can just bait ai muskets to follow a hussar while they get shot down by a few units, exploiting them in engagements where if they had instead stood their ground and fired there’s no chance of winning.

On some of the good things, I really like the new forward base system you have. I somehow broke it on my mod for de, but I input some of the changes into my mod for tad. I hope you don’t mind. The ai is also way more aggressive than what it used to be, and if it could target baseless villagers Id have no complaints.

There are more things id like to talk about, but ill save those for another time. Thanks for your efforts.