Working better with AI ally(2v3 Hard)

So. I’m trying to beat 2v3 AI on RM(land maps) but most often than not my AI ally will simply build too much stuff without training many troops and just get attacked by 2 enemy armies at the same time.
Seeing that, I built a market very early and sent a lot of resources to them in early castle till early imperial but they still got crushed heavily.

On top of that they built their castle behind their TC’s in a place where it didn’t help at all.

I’m playing as Byzantines and trying to turtle until I’m strong enough to take at least one of the AI out of the game, but I can’t protect myself + ally when it does some stupid stuff.

  • Is it worth it to keep sending it resources or should I just send troops + build castle there?
  • Are there any commands that I can give them like locations where to build stuff?
  • What civs synergize well with Byzantines?
  • Should I pick an ally civ that synergizes with my civ or a civ that can hold their own better against attacks?

Happened again in another match. My ally were persians that didn’t even built a castle at 40:00 into the game. Kept asking for resources but barely made any millitary.

They got overrun by war wagons even though I built a castle at one side of their base.

@Chesqin AI is broken again

I’ve personally made the experience that helping AI allies with military helps a lot more compared to resources. If your economy is very strong already then a push to free the AI’s base and then some resources for the AI to rebuild quickly (especially some wood & stone for town centers if needed) would be perfect.

Another thing that works well is hurting the enemy of your AI ally early on, if you tip the scales in your ally’s favor that can snowball as the game goes on.

Yet another approach could be walling your AI ally with a teamwall or using the taunt #54 in case the AI has enough stone and is safe enough to wall by itself.

@Yorok0 What is broken?


Thanks for the overall advice.
Not exactly broken but AI building castles in the back of its base def doesn’t help. But then again they could have been pressured by the enemy and couldn’t just build it upfront.