World Desert Championship (Pro tournament)

Hello everyone! I would like to announce that the World Desert Championship is about to start.

It’s a 3v3 tournament, with open maps, based on real–life deserts.

You can find all the info about the tournament in the aoezone post:

So far, this teams have signed up:

& more amazing teams!

By Now, our official casters are:

Novaaoe (Twich)
MembTV (Twich)
Ornlu (Twich) (gonna cover some of it, idk if all of it)

MundoAoe (Youtube)
SilentTv! (Twich)

Anyway, the tournament is open casting, so I’m confident all big caster will cover it, at least to a certain point (T90, MembTV, Mario Ovalle, etc…)

Hope you’ll tune in :smiley:


Great I am looking forward to some aggressive games on Atacama. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But why hasn’t GL signed up yet? :thinking:

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Prizepool was recently increased in a considerable amount. Most of biggest teams signed up in the last 24 hours. I guess GL is gonns sign up soon enough

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So GL signed up 2 teams. Pretty much all top 100 players are playing (except for Bact and Capoch). HYPE!


Update: Membtv informed he will be covering the event. Vamos amigos!!


Y el Locoser??? jajjaja

everyone can cast the event, even if they’re not official casters // El evento es casteo abierto, osea que todo el mundo puede castear aunque no sea caster oficial.