Worst designed civs of AOE 3?

I thought a ‘‘broken civ’’ would be one i can’t go into their strenghts to beat some and a ‘‘well designed civ’’ was the one I feel the most comfortable and know how to use. :no_mouth:

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No surprise sweden, japan and aztec are top, I actually wouldn’t have expected usa to be tied with Aztec for 3rd though, I think even though they aren’t balanced, from a design perspective they are a great civ with unique mechanics and interesting cards.

Edit: wow now usa passed up japan and aztec.



My feedback on it.

Cant stress this enough.


I like the new Canonner for the ethiopians. It would be coold that Ports could have that unit as well


would be a bit redundant with the cassador tho.

The Canonner is an abus gun with siege attack its a replacement for the organ gun


Isn’t the Crossbowman Royal Guard for Ports already redundant?

I think that is a reference to King John II’s and King Manuel I’s Royal Guard of Riders (Guarda de Ginetes). Not a very good one, mind you, but one none the less.

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There is the royal guard of halberdiers


I know, I’m just saying that might be the reasoning they followed when they made the Ginete Dragoon Royal Guard. Also there’s the consistency issue that every single European faction has an infantry and a cavalry RG, minimum.

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Lets hope the devs NEVER change Ginetes to Halberds, as that would be an even further downgrade for the civ.

Lots of interesting units to use like the new canonner unit could be added to the roster (even if nerfed) to make a more interesting civ.

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I think they can have the Cannoneer being accessed in certain buildings through cards. Same with the Harquebusier for the Brittish, the Fusilier and Napoleon Gun for the French, the Conquistador for the Spanish and the Black Rider for the Germans.


I think the civ needs a redesign from the ground up to be honest.


They get countered easily by germans though doppen kills gendarmes and uhlan voltigier

uhlan are not a good cavalry unit, and well if you dont counter your opponents choices you lose anyways.

neither of your counter suggestions are good, vs doppel you go musk+skirm and vs uhlan you just train a few muskets and you are safe.

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But all people in the forums say germans counter french

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not in the lategame, dont know much about early game.

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None!. There is something for everyone. Aesthetically and playably all are excellent. It is true that some should be improved, such as the American civilizations, but in general all are fine.

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even further? i mean, portuguese are already OP; they have OP skirm, OP goon, OP artillery, OP musk, OP eco, OP navy and water eco, and OP scaling and mechanics, i don´t know why you say that as if ports are trash and they keep nerfing them…
PD: It´s Jinetes btw xd

100%, i don´t know a lot about international history but if i recall correctly portuguese never were a military super power in any time, i mean they have one of the best military units in the game but historicaly they were just focused in exploration and eco in market and trade but they were not heavy on military, yet in game they beat anything with the best units the other civs have but just better and uniteed in portuguese civ, it´s so annoying for me at least :confused: