Worst nightmare for Turks, Magyars, and Tatars?

Played as Turks, Hindustanis, Magyars, or Tatars against the following opponents in my recent games, and I got done in by those guys against these players below:

Lithuanians, Britons, Bohemians, Celts, Goths, Italians, Byzantines, and Slavs.

Are they really that dangerous against civs that makes heavy use of mounted units? They all have a few things in common: bonuses for trash units, siege weapons, or UU that can make quick work of my mounted units!

Which map was this on and which strategy are you using ?

I sounds like you are playing scout rush into knights only on an open map like arabia. If your opponent has good pikes in feudal/castle age and expects you to go cavalry, you get countered, unless you are very good at moving your scouts around…

Hindustanis should have the best early eco over every civ you listed, and a flexible enough tech tree. So there should be any problem. In the opposite, Turks eco is not that good especially when going scout. So you will be lagging behind Lituanians, Celts, Britons for sure.

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